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Thanks for all the work posting the page and keeping us updated.
Photos are up from June 30 & July 1 matches. url
Kerry - the Montana Pork Producers Council office is in your backyard here in Jordan, MT. While we might not immediately be able to sign on as a largescale sponsor, we heavily participate in other eve + 476 more characters
Match registration is now open for Sat Aug 18 (Team) and 19th (Individual) plus a two day team match the weekend of Sept 29&30. Cost for the second weekend is $60/team. Registration remains open until + 22 more characters
Registration is now open for the May 5th (team) & 6th (individual) SFS match and for those June 31st (team) & July 1st (individual). Pictures and results posted from last weekend's Challenge under the + 16 more characters
Signups are starting to fill! We welcome shooters with varying levels of experience. If this would be your first match and interests you, please do not hesitate to give us a call and ask questions.
Slots still open.....
Registration is now open for the SFS April 14 team match and the April 15 individual match in Jordan. Here is the match link, with dropdowns for the forms: url Payments must be received within two wee + 139 more characters
Each stage has multiple targets. The first one shot by each individual/team must be milled, then the rest can involve the range finder. We provide a bright colored 8.5 by 11" sheet next to the target + 101 more characters
2012 Schedule: Saturday Team Matches (T) - 110 rds/shooter Sunday Individual Matches (I) - 80/shooter April 14 (T) & 15 (I) May 5 (T) & 6 (I) June 30 (T) & July 1 (I) Aug 18 (T) & 19 (I) Sept 29 (T) & + 527 more characters
Schedule Update: We will not be hosting a match this December, however this January a match schedule with dates for 2012 will be posted. The first will be in April, with one per month thru September. + 95 more characters
We will be there as a vendor (Sage Flats Shooter LLC - gunsmith/sporting goods in Jordan). Whom else is planning to have a booth? We'd love to know!
Preferences on timing of Dec match anyone? Saturday or Sunday? This is completely weather dependent, but we'll give it our best shot.
Attention gun nuts! Sage Flats Shooter LLC will be offering multiple "Sage Flat Steel Target Challenges" in 2012 in the Jordan area. Please look to our website for photos of past matches plus upcoming + 348 more characters
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