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Just curious if anyone had the same experience as I did Kelly.
I only ask because I have been there three times and two of which I have received substandard service, might I add by the same person. Empty Tea glasses, cold, overcooked or incorrect food and a sheer + 560 more characters
Has anyone else had a terrible experience with the Rib and Chop House. My wife and I went there for our anniversary and recieved horrible service. Furthermore, her food was overcooked and mine was col + 104 more characters
So whats going to happen to all of those people who purchased the years free rental packages that movie gallery had on sale here while back???
I just got a phonecall from my mother in Texas. She tells me that my aunt Mary who is only 61 years old, had to have her leg removed on Sunday. See she had fallen at Christmas time and broke her hip. + 579 more characters
This is a good one I heard on friday at Wal-Mart. "I have to pay for the bigscreen tv and the x-box seperately, unless I can pay for them with foodstamps." I almost pissed myself.
They didn't rob the pawn shop they shoplifted from it. One of the three was caught and did a little bit of jail time, but I think the more proper subject title should read pawn shop shoplifted.
In my opinion if they play your music on MTV, VH1,BET, LMNOP or what ever pop and r&b station on tv, that should through you out of the running for a so called Country Music Award.
Braveheart. The end where the guy gets his junk cut off... Scariest thing I've ever seen.
Lets see Anything with Jack Black pretty well sucks, same with Will Ferrell. Nothing but fart jokes.
I really love the commercials that Wal-Mart runs during Christmas time. You know the ones where they say they will have more lines open. I know thats a joke.
I am glad that this is almost over. It won't be long now before I can watch my programs without the worry of being interrupted by baseball. Don't get me wrong there is nothing better than watching a g + 245 more characters
In ten years it's not even gonna matter the difference between H1N1,H1N5 or the regular old flu bug. The simple fact of the matter is that the flu mutates every year and there are so many different st + 255 more characters
are you really this much of a jackass or are you just so bored that you insist on belittling others to make it seem like you have a reason in life. You are the problem with todays youth. Everyone thin + 233 more characters
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