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June 4 will be the 40th anniversary of the car accident that killed Lauri Wilson and David Wegner. Charles Hall died in 1983 Sherry Venn died a number of years ago of cancer in Oregon. Linda Wilson is + 273 more characters
Ruby and Ralph owned Hatch Realty in Billings. Raplh died in 1975 and Ruby died in 1994.
I am always amused when someone loudly and proudly crows "I AM A CHRISTIAN!" As opposed to being Jewish? As opposed to being a Muslim? As opposed to being a Buddhist?
I dont recall when the Meet of Chmpions was dropped (in the 90's maybe). Same for the all-class championship track meet. Last year I went to the horse races in Billings. I was a little surprised at th + 724 more characters
Does anyone know the whereabouts of David Wagner's Mother and sisters?
The story should never be forgotten but those who were living in 1977 can provide context. The world was a much different in 1977. There was the 18 year old drinking age which came out of the social u + 963 more characters
Today would have been Linda and Lauri Wilson's 50th birthday.
Mark reminds me of his Dad. Someday someone will write the story of Linda and Laurie...
Sounds like the Mayor has a pretty good understanding of the Incident Command System.
RE: MT DEQ 15 years ago
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Pay is a big problem. The DEQ is mostly a training program for new graduates who work there from 6 months to 5 years and move on to higher paying jobs. The Oregon DEQ and Washington Department of Ecol + 276 more characters
I know where they are all are at...
Laurie Wilson Dave Wegner Charlie Hall Sherry Venn Linda Wilson
Anoyone know where Orvin Lab is these days?
CHINICK, MABEL : F : 17 : 2 Nov 1907 : 05-0048 : Contact Office of Vital Statistics, Helena, MT for County No Chinnick listed in the State death index prior to 1900. url
Another resource is the Montana State Death Registry Index url
I would like the critics to tell us what the book was really about.
A tragedy which began over 30 years ago on a hot, sultry night, June 4, 1977 has now taken another victim.
I am a little fuzzy on the details so this may not be 100% accurate. I aplogoze for anything that isnt accurate. As I recall, there was an in flight fire on the helicopter which made an emergency land + 195 more characters
I have a well worn copy. It would be one of the book I would take to a desert island or for spending a winter in a secluded cabin.
For the record. The kids in the car were Laurie Wilson, Linda Wilson, Sherri Venn, Cindy Stein, Charlie Hall and Dave Wagner. Laurie Wilson and Dave Wagner were killed in the accident. Linda wilson sp + 254 more characters
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