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As an over the road truck driver.....I can confirm that same exact ad is running in every state I have been in for the last month. At least 20 states.
I was momentarily nonplussed.......but soon became literally stunned by the enormity of it all. How did I do?
A buddy and I were heading home from work one day in the Seattle area. Doing the I - 5 crawl up the southcenter hill. Stop and go traffic.......but of course mostly stop. I saw a car ahead of us with + 662 more characters
Any "cronie" that jumps on the bandwagon with an investigation opens him or herself up to the exact same scrutiny. Not likely to ever happen. Unfortunately.
I'm with Amorette on this one. If insanity told me that the sun is gonna come up tomorrow, I'd want it verified by 3 non biased researchers. The man is incapable of telling the truth.... And he leads + 311 more characters
I wish I had a megaphone to give this the really loud "hell ya" that it deserves. (Intended for Kellys pic)
Former sheriff? He sounds like a great guy, willing to sacrifice the women and children for a photo op. Just wow!
Fair question, but I am sure there is several statues that forbid drawing aim on govment officials with any weapon. There were several "supporters" that did just that. With automatic weapons too. A bl + 148 more characters
Until Deep Purple is in, the Rock & Roll Hall of Shame is dead to me. Donna Summer has a spot, but no Deep Purple? They really need to figure out who they are. And soon...........
There is a cell phone tower very near the Madison River south of Ennis. It is painted to look like a tree. It's not perfect by any stretch, but it was a nice concession by the builder. The point is th + 270 more characters
Finally. A winner in this argument.
I just applied thru the mail for a replacement ss card, and got my original documents back within 72 hours. (Billings office) I was worried about my drivers license being lost too, but they did exactl + 112 more characters
It's there. Scroll down to the page about the cook-off, click that, and then scroll down to "judging". It's an application to be a judge.
I don't care for the kid or his music?, but deporting him is a little extreme. Most of us are not Canadian and subject to deportation, but how many of us could have survived that constant public scrut + 742 more characters
Agreed. Hell won't take his kind. It's eternity in Glendive for Richard!
I drove the cemetery loop this morning, and the little bit of the Broadus highway I was on was heinous at best. Hopefully it's not that bad all the way to Broadus.
I always have, and always will love the place. What's most amazing to me, is that the core menu items have NEVER changed over the decades. The pizza tastes exactly like it did when I was in my early t + 393 more characters
If I owned property anywhere near that mess, I would sign it in a heartbeat.
At the very least, Shipley is guilty of stealing property value from his neighbors. Time to bring this fiasco to an end. Or fire every public official that refuses to do anything about it.
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