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Just drove by Shipleys house. He has already started the next wave. A pile of trash on the street at end of his sidewalk.
I heard they were all from the same office.
He's worse than Shipley in his own way!
I just picked it up 3 days ago. The picture couldn't be better. Best camera placement I've seen since this started
I would like to forward to miles a copy of the e-mail I received from Shipley but don't know how. If anyone can help me I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks
And you still wonder why the citizens of Miles City won't vote you into any office.Go back and read the drivel you wrote on this topic and the reason is very clear.
That gunsngold is one sick puppy and after listening to his rhetoric, I'd be very afraid of him. It's his type that coined the phrase (Going Postal)
The cam was still up and operating a couple weeks back. The eagles were here and in residence for a couple weeks in May, don't remember exactly. I saw them almost every day.. No evidence of any eggs. + 41 more characters
And there goes the credibity of th e Hall of fame. ok to take drugs but better not make bets WTF
I don't remember when it started but almost all cars built in recent years have day time running lites that are automatic.
This poll basically says it all LOL
I don't even know you, but you can be a real A-hole
We've heard enough. The election is over. Time to mute him again
This an exact duplication of things that are happening in Miles City. I'm sure we all realize it is a sickness to a degree but in our case it is mostly arrogance causing the problem. It's long past th + 28 more characters
The Goodyear store was built prior to 1970 and was first managed by Gary Hotaling, who was the appliance manager at Tempo prior to that.
I saw one of the adults in the nest with them Wednesday.
Please post a site where we can find this. Thanks
179.9 in Owasso, OK
The mayor should step in immediately to get this build up stopped.It will probably require another arrest and trial to force him in to some kind of action
I mean Gunnar
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