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Ummmm.......Yeah whatever happened to good old fashion "Teacher hit's student stories"
Brian, as a fan I agree with you 100% about the Decal....but I also like the newer ones with the "MC" I knew it was 13-7 but 12-7 sounded better maybe in 20 more years....maybe 10-7???
Yep, not a good end to our senior year. It was a very cold game and we just couldn't move the ball our team was very flat (on offense) as I recall the long-snapping was some of the best... Oh well, st + 40 more characters
All great questions... Yes, he wins the NL Cy Young
Ummm They Just lost to South Dakota Tech....So I would say No this in not the year
HAHA Bridgier No that wasn't me I think the idea of the individual shower would be great. In perticular at the JRHI level
Other side of the coin I see your point but how about a childs self-esteem if they don't shower? Say you have PE 1st hour don't shower and stink up the joint 2nd period. They might get "pestered" for + 32 more characters
Just don't ask Villanova! It was a great second half. It was nice to see a Western North Dakotan and Eastern Montanan play big roles-----
Brian, I thought the same thing! Maybe the guy just marked the wrong oval!!
Talbot, Geez man! no harm intended. I didn't really think my comment was that F@#$in' off the wall. and the Phillies would never sign manny...danny tartabull....Yes...Manny No...
As a Phillies Fan who can't be silent. Almost everything Manny does is "Bush League"
Phillies Need 2 more wins
I know I was excited to see it get bumped
Well Lidge got the save BUT it was not easy. I wonder if Cliff Lee can pitch in the cold?
Lidge! by far in my book. Should be a nice 20 degree day for game 3.
Why yes he is
He might have meant to say "hoozi" but "floozy" slipped out. Happens all the time to me
a partridge....
a 911 operator......
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