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Yes that was his passion and he was very good at it. I am so glad you visited him in the hospital he appreciated his company very much.
Peter Ronning was an incredible grandpa actually. He passed away in June of 2005 after meeting his first great and miss him like crazy. say the very least!
Well said MC girl!! Who are any of us to judge anyone...
Well said Richard!!! I could not agree more!
You truly are an ignorant Jack A**!!! Your opinion is not needed and apparently not wanted by the majority of people on this site. Obviously by your blogs you have no idea what a Christian is! I wou + 229 more characters
Scott P, it is so easy to judge others but until you have walked a mile in their shoes... I truly believe that we all make mistakes but I DO believe Leonard is the type of person worthy of forgiveness + 290 more characters
I personally have had the privilege of knowing Leonard Dunning for the past 15 years. Leonard is an exemplarily individual who has gone above and beyond in all aspects of his life. I am not sure if ma + 1166 more characters
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