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Agreed. Who thought Joe Flacco could beat the Broncos by throwing the ball? Not even his mother thought that could happen. I like Joe, but he is a game manager, not a gunslinger that you can count on + 385 more characters
I like Burgers reference to "marauding Indians" Who marauded who?
It says we are guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms. Because thats as far as it goes, the kind of arms and their capabilities is now left up to those that govern. If they outlaw everything but m + 218 more characters
Therein lies a huge issue in all of this. Mental health is not "black and white". We have all known people that were a " little off", or maybe a bit more weird than the "norm". Where do we draw the li + 152 more characters
Never been on a military base, so I may not comprehend correctly, but what's the point of packing around an empty weapon? An empty pistol is nothing more than an poorly aerodynamic rock. Completely us + 59 more characters
"After the shot went off, my training took over". I know the first thing I was taught in my firearms training class, was that when you shoot yourself, the first thing you do is scream "I just f*$%#ng + 80 more characters
The city can post all the signs they want, but that doesn't relieve them of the responsibility of properly maintaining playground equipment, and the surrounding area. When the city purchased, or built + 595 more characters
Pretty much on the mark Bridger. These morans that tell me the antidote to gun violence in this country, is more guns, can eat a big one. I'm a fan of guns. I have a rifle within 5 ft of where I sit r + 1805 more characters
The kids in China were not killed. He certainly tried, but they all survived. Still a tragedy of course, but it does illustrate that guns are a more effective killing tool in the wrong hands.
In Huckabee's opinion, if you get a blister, it's because you didn't pray enough. His is an extremely limited view of the world, and what happens in it. The best course of action when it comes to Huck + 94 more characters
That will not end well for the Westboro heathens. I'd actually like to watch that encounter.
Good post SZ, until the last paragraph. It appears that the young man that unleashed his horror on this school shot his way into the school. There will never be enough security to prevent that sort of + 2219 more characters
Warm Apple Pie ala mode from Denver Dans. A little apple orchard, gift shop and bakery combo up the hill from Placerville California. Best $6.00 I ever spent on food in my life. Make sure you get the + 67 more characters
I've been told that the soup kitchen and the food bank are especially "feel good" places to help out. But pick your pleasure and go do your thing. Good on ya buddy.
Bobcats get Sam Houston St next week, in Bozeman. Friday night, under the lights again. 6:00 PM start.
For a few years after I graduated, there was always an alumni basketball tourney at the gym, between Christmas and New Years. Years 76-77 versus 72-73, set up like that. Usually about a dozen or so te + 1619 more characters
Being a die-hard Cat fan, this would be the perfect opportunity for me to gloat. Not gonna do it. The game runs in cycles, and the griz have been at the top of the cycle for over 25 years. Considerabl + 634 more characters
I lock my truck when I go into a convenience store. And every time I leave the truck. It's pretty simple, and eliminates any worry. Why doesn't everybody do that? If they still want my truck, or whate + 193 more characters
There's a real chance these days that the homeless people are interacting with may be veterans. Give that some thought before you dismiss them so quickly.
Really great football game. The Cats defense won that game. Damn I am happy!
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