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When Custer died he was a LTC not a General. He got promoted to BG by during the Civil War but at the end of the war he was reduced back to the rank of LTC. At the time of his death he was awaiting to + 46 more characters
Just out of curiosity(sp?) did anyone see my retirement announcement in the Star? Just curious because I was told by someone they were going to check into it and send me a copy and I havent heard from + 12 more characters
Thank you for the update! This is great news!
If you get with HOMETOWN REALITY the ladies over there will do a fine job taking care of you. You will find a link on the left side of the screen when you first log in.
How is it that someone asking about the condition of the cowboy injured and sending well wishes to him is starting to turn into a topic of how long before rodeo is banned or how to ban it? Cant it jus + 419 more characters
Sheesh Tori dont scare people like that! Like Shu I thought someone was saying he passed away! Wow its hard to believe he's retiring I never thought he would.
Are there any policies with the local PD and SO about pursuit speed through town? When does the officer break off the pursuit, AFTER the local population has been put in danger or before?
Damn with that long beak I almost thought it was a Kiwi but then I pulled my ead out of my 4th point of contact and realized NOT IN NEVADA
Lone Survivor by Marcus Latrell its about him being the only survivor (hence the name) of his SEAL Team in Afghanstan.
We were just in Miles City about two weeks ago and my wife stepped out of the pickup and tweaked her ankle. I wanted to take her to the ER at HRH but she said HELL NO and that she would wait till we g + 80 more characters
Cheyenne, Better ask permission to do that from K.DUFFY since they think that ya'll are just "stirring the pot" or they are to busy trying to break down some of the people that are showing their sup + 17 more characters
Ewwww Stewart We jumped in there one time for their warfighter. That was the longest two weeks ever.
Stationed in Cheyenne, WY now. Working for the WYARNG till I can retire next year. Where you at now?? Last time I talked to Ricky he said you were back east somewhere.
I dont know Brady but maybe we will get a paranoid dellusional answer from someone on here.
THANK YOU BARB!!! You made it a little easier to understand.
Well Cheryl speaking form experiance in Iraq the media tells the public what the media wants the public to see. People like to see the bad stuff over good. You dont see the Civil Affairs teams going a + 724 more characters
When they deploy Soldiers like during Katrina the Soldiers and other service members are there to help. Would the general public feel better having US Soldiers helping out or contract companies like B + 83 more characters
Ohhhhh ok thats what our government does when they send me to some place to get my little white butt shot at deported??? Damn for 19yrs in the Army and I've always called it and heard it refered to De + 203 more characters
Well I remember doing a "Counter Narcotics" mission back in the 90's when I was just a Corporal in the Army. Well here I am 16yrs later still in the Army and the drug problem has not gone away. If you + 485 more characters
To bad there wasnt a secure public server that stuff like what Diona was talking about to be backed up on. I know at work we have one incase something goes bad. Just a thought.
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