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Well said truck. I too have concerns about peoples judgmental opinions of us caused from these very few narrow minded opinionated trolls.
So, what if this single parent with kids is tested positive at work? Then just go to welfare were its ok?
Sometimes you just have to pull down your pants and slide on the ice – Sidney Freedman, MASH
Which one is the great people????
Well said, Bobby!!!!!!!
Applying to law that every law abiding citizen must own and be proficient with fire arms with the ability to carry anywhere they see fit.
It's called an 2nd chance option to protect people and you're self rather than watch helpless, wayne . And how do you know it's a cross fire, every situation is different. That's why instinctive train + 17 more characters
Even killing the murder before they kill more kids,amorette?
I would welcome all teachers to have the right to carry a concealed gun in class to be able to defend the kids and each other.
Who is it?
Wendy and richard are a pair,dumb asses
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