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Ok guys its time to have a lady chime in. I was a football manager in the late 80's and remember very well all of Jerry's outbursts. I remember one day at practice, and it was hot...the linemen did no + 680 more characters
Miles City Style...being back in town for less than a day and all of your friends, relatives, teachers and coaches know it...and all you did was stop in at the Cellar for some pizza...that is what hap + 75 more characters
Hello everyone, does anyone remember Chubby's? or what about Stewarts? I have fond memmories of going to both places with my family. I also loved shopping at Joylin's, Fashion Island,and don't forget + 842 more characters
Julia Roberts in any of her movies I love her!!!!
Not only the pop, but what about the crazy flavors they have in the line for sports drinks? This last fall my daughter got the flu and the DR. encouraged me to get just plan 7UP and that was it. She c + 250 more characters
Wow wish I had not had to be gone yesterday...seems Holly really had something to say!!! Jon I agree with you as to everybody is a sinner...and guess that was the point I was trying to make. As far as + 424 more characters
Wow Duncan you sure have opened up a big discussion here. I just wanted to add my thoughts. About a year ago I started working with a lady that is very open about the fact that she is a lesbian. In fa + 1433 more characters
1. Chocolate 2. Garth Brooks box set 3. My Bible 4. Shovel to plant with 5. McGyver ( he would figure out how to get us off that island) 6. Soap and lots of it!!!!!
Thank goodness there are people who still have morals...or should I say just know the right thing to do. Wow if that stone could tell you the journey it had. Have a great week!
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