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Those are actually rambutan not rombutan. Hilarious they spelt it wrong, they also are not fresh. They are supposed to be bright red, not brownish like that. I've had fresh rambutan overseas.
Ok, I've been doing research and what's the best Internet in Miles City? Looks like mid River charges per gb. How's Century link? And does Charter have service in Miles City?
That quote was from 2 years ago. Do you have a recent article?
UPDATE!!!! So, I appreciate everyone's input. (For the most part lol.) I visited yesterday a few things I noticed. Please remember these are my own personal observations. 1. The city is very small, I + 1063 more characters
Thanks so much everyone! I'll be visiting next week. The weather should finally be good enough for the trip. Hopefully, find a place to stay. I have a couple options for that already. Then get all my + 242 more characters
I already have a job offer, so no worries there. The drug use is obviously an issue is it really that bad? Their are some expensive houses in miles city, so it can't possibly be everywhere.
Thanks everyone for the help. I should be moving there in March. So, just need to find a nice apartment in a nice neighborhood!
So I might be moving to Miles City. How's the diversity? And in terms of outdoor activities what is their to do besides fishing and hunting?any hiking trails? [Edited by Redheadguy (1/25/2017 3:08:09 + 51 more characters
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