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I was scammed coming up on 25 years ago.
Based on my experience, here is my Miles City "Top Ten List" for your three year old daughter: 1. Sledding 2. Ice skating 3. Taking a friendly dog for a walk 4. Going out to a farm to look at the anim + 264 more characters
I am certainly going to keep my wife here in Salt Lake for the time being!
Is there anywhere to rent bicycles in Miles City?
Gunnar might be interested.
I see the M&M is open and full.
What is the slogan currently?
Bummer on the Mercedes.
1) Cool City Park 2) The drive from Kinsey to Terry taking the north side of the Yellowstone River 3) Duck and Goose Hunting 4) Nice Sunsets 5) Cafe Utza
1.) Miles City Star 2.) Art Center 3.) MCC 4.) milescity.com 5.) Airport Inn Pizza Any one else? How about the expats?
Cool. How many wild horses are still in MT/WY?
Well if they come up for sale again, let me know. I would like to be seen driving around with a "Hardin Police" sign on the side of my door.
City of Miles City Official Slogans through the Years 1. Miles City - Cow Capital of the West (1882) 2. Miles City - Welcome German Soldiers(very short time in 1916) 3. Miles City - We are Winning an + 802 more characters
I forgot about Hardin. What happened to all those Mercedes Benz SUV's that were donated to the police department from the last "potential" jail contractor? I know that the whole thing was strange.
I wouldn't mind $5 per gallon. I drive about 4000 miles a year in my Prius. I think that's what needs to happen to wake us up about oil consumption.
I might suggest it over at mchome and get them stirred up on a cold night.
BTW, the camp is set to be open by April 1.
I understand from some very knowledgeable people that the CIA, along with the BLM, is looking at setting up a re-location camp for mid-east dictators. Purpose is to house these guys and their familie + 102 more characters
How about some photos? Bart? MRH? Anyone else? I don't want anyone to feel too bad but our tulips are starting to come up here in Utah. Gerald
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