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I wonder if she is thinking of the Bureau of Land Management??
Montana Cadastral shows the park in question under the ownership of the City of Miles City, ie. its a public park.
Clyde McFarland is my Great-Grandfather!! Small world.
All, Please be mindful of what you leave in the back of your vehicle while parked at the 7th St. boat launch. A number of items were taken from the box of our pickup between 530-7pm yesterday evening. + 57 more characters
I would imagine you would be accepted (oops hehehe) EVEN if you WERE Mormon..... Sheesh!
Thank you RBJ for the nice clickable link!
Please check out the link in the Billings Gazette this morning, if the link doesn't work just head to the Gazette home page and look for the story. Jeremy, hopefully you find someone to help you out w + 58 more characters
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