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I delivered chickens to the crossroads in 1946. My dad ran a chicken farm on 1520 north daly street. My dad hauled lumber to the Lion Park about 1939.
I went to LP's store with my brother in law Bill Stanton. Bill was talking to LP and he saw that I had new 1966 Olds Toronado. They said lets take it out and see how fast it will go. I sat in the back + 116 more characters
Maurice was known worldwide. He is probably the most well known of anyone born in Miles city maybe because we didnt have a senator born in Miles city, so far as I know. However, we seem to be talking + 37 more characters
My geometry teacher,Irene Hoffman, had the greatest influence of any teacher I had in my 20 years of schooling. Jim are you related to Norman Birkholz? I attended MSU in the 50's with Norman. He went + 38 more characters
I spent a lot of time in that pool in the 1940's and when the nearby harmony hangout was in full swing.
Hello Pat Wickersham, You and I played football under Bob Jauron. As I recall you played guard or tackle. I played halfback. I would hope that someone could get a reunion together for the 48 49 and 50 + 36 more characters
I played football under Bob Jauron in spring of 1948 and fall of 1949. I was in his history class and got him coffee in the morning during class. I got to know my wife to be in that class. George and + 685 more characters
Art Larson and Marie Larson Jacobson are son and daughter of Elsie Hilleman Larson, Maurice's older sister. Art and Nancy are well known ranchers in Miles City. Nancy plays the violin at the bucking h + 210 more characters
I am married to a first cousin of yours. Marie Larson Jacobson is the daughter of Elsie Hilleman Larson. Elsie was the elder sister to Maurice ,Howard ,Victor,Norman,Harold and Walter. Art Larson, a w + 242 more characters
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