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If you don't mind me asking Josh, how many boosters have you had?
Big R's already stocking up on Ivermectin
Goddamn, could this is one well procreated chicken!
Now all MC needs is a Winco, and I can pretend I'm still in Boise when I visit...
If you're looking for a definition of fascism, Umberto Eco's essay on 'Ur-Fascism' is as good a place to start as any: url
JEEEEEEEEEESUS this is a weird hill to die on.
I fucked up and approved Greg's friend request before actually looking at his page. Yeah, montana's going to go through some shit before this fever breaks, if it ever does...
Obviously, the moment of silence is to reflect upon all the genocides that the US has been a party to...
The White Stripes Is this what getting old feels like?
Big Cock Brock really took it to Slack Crack Dak....
I assume Biden will simply say that the constitution requires the government to honor it's debts and dare the Supreme Court do say otherwise...
I think you got screwed, if you didn't get any sick leave. I would be shocked to see a company employing software developers that DIDN'T offer a competitive package of vacation and sick leave today.
So, I went and looked it up: Holidays: 11 Vacation: 26 (after 15 years) Sick leave: 13 Total days: 50 Not going to lie, that's shitting in the tall cotton, as my dad would say. But then I look at the + 106 more characters
I mean, I had the day off, and I don't work for the government. Maybe Ed needs to get a better job. Frank thought 30 days was the average # of days off, so I went and looked when I got back to work th + 327 more characters
Joe Biden's probably the best president we've had in my lifetime (which is more presidents than I'm happy to admit). GTFO of here with your "gas prices" and "energy independence" nonsense.
Seems like all the 'internet slueths' didn't know a goddamned thing.
No offense Don, but i'm pretty sure the internet sleuths don't know jack about this case. If the Moscow Police haven't released the information, it's just ghoulish speculation. [Edited by Bridgier (1 + 21 more characters
Boy, if you thought the Quest for the Clenis got old...
AND a home game. What a joke.
Slava Ukraini.
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