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Thank God climate change is a myth...
Everyone in Montana (and Idaho) complains incessantly about the influx of new residents from out of state, and what is giantfart-e's commerce department up to? Sending out fliers telling people it's c + 189 more characters
I'm sure there's actually been a lot more then that, because the counting became political, but you can just take excess deaths year over year and get a pretty good idea what the true impact was.
Maybe if you tried punctuation and whitespace instead of pharmaceuticals, you'd get a better response. But life's too short to engage with a Ginsburgian wall of free-form text - if you don't respect y + 107 more characters
Jesus christ. Drugs, not even once.
So, assuming Roe is overturned this summer, where do the orcs go next? Obergfell or Griswold?
I'm sure kids are smarter now though...
...yet. memento mori
I'm sure that Mr. Janssen won't bother reading the article and is most likely PROFOUNDLY procreating ignorant of the author's bio - but that won't stop him from dismissing all of that as some liberal + 9 more characters
So tedious, honestly. No ideas other than procreate the libs.
I don't get it.
Is this thread peak boomer? Discuss.
Worst thing Bob Dixon ever told me was to quit running, quote - "LIKE A GODDAMNED APE"
I'm coming a little late to this party, but while I might have used different language then Brian, I will say that 1990's Jack Raymond was a pretty sub-par coach, even setting aside his involvement in + 2140 more characters
I see Tucker's dad & uncle here at work all the time, so I'm a little biased towards him, but anything will be better than what we saw a couple of weeks ago.
Choate might be on the market before too long... But I agree, Vigen didn't have much fire...
Good lord, what a couple of pelicans.
"Both people shot were not actors and so this shooting was probably Alec playing around with a gun and he was not acting out a part of a script." That assumes quite a lot, and reveals quite a lot as w + 13 more characters
Yeah, people forget that liberals own guns as well. The 1000 democrats who don't believe they're in a war seems a little high to me.
Diptheria's no joke either, infects children, if it doesn't kill you when you first get it, your chances of dying young are greatly increased, etc - but the cult is going to throw all the advancements + 176 more characters
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