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I still see no reason not to be proud of our president in this time - why should we change course because ISIS has taken advantage of the situation to cause mayhem? It's what they do, and is further p + 889 more characters
Is "Any mercenaries, american or otherwise still left in Afghanistan on 9/1 can get deservedly fucked" too hot a take for the delicate flowers of the right?
Yeah, it was all high-fives and handjobs when 45 cut a deal with the Taliban, but now that we're keeping our word there's a freakout? get the fuck out of here.
And nothing that's been said or seen in the last week has diminished my respect for our President's forthright decision to follow through on the agreement negotiated by the prior administration, to en + 260 more characters
I'm proud of our President for owning the decision to end US security involvement in Afghanistan, and I support most of our President's foreign and domestic policies. But I'm not in a fucking cult or + 226 more characters
If it wasn't for the fact that a large number of the people who are going to be impacted are those who CAN'T get vaccinated yet (ie, children under 12), I'd probably care very little for the fate of t + 163 more characters
Someone's been daydrinking i see....
My only consolation is that I'll maybe get to live to see dumbfuck deniers have to acknowledge that they were wrong.
I believe the constitution absolutely allows for congressional oversight of FEDERAL elections, fyi...
"man, the things i could show you, BUT I DON'T" If you can provide evidence of ELECTED DEMOCRATS in congress committing these sorts of crimes against logic and reason, please do so, otherwise, please + 61 more characters
As someone once said, please proceed...
Doesn't it make you question yourself when your political heroes enthusiastically nail their dicks to a 2x4 as soon as they can get in front of a camera? Like, here's a SMALL sample from the last coup + 746 more characters
Well, it's all fiat money, so it never existed in the first place...
I'll bet blt is pretty happy now though - he's finally got that authentic miles city frontier gibberish that he was pining for earlier.
Hopefully not the part that wants to join idaho....
Well, I remember Montana being a LOT of things it isn't anymore...
I don't know the OP's particulars, it may be that he's got a pretty good case of long covid and would be better off with the federal plan instead of being forced back into the workforce because now he + 349 more characters
That sounds like an amazing breakfast, tbh
Montana's going to get what they voted for, I guess...
Well... Relative freedom
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