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Well... Relative freedom
Me and the kids are getting our second shots on saturday, and my wife gets her second later next week. 2 weeks to freedom!
I can't wait to ignore Jerry's future healthcare GoFundMe. Some enterprising sort should create GoFuckYourself, where you can schedule balloons to be delivered to funerals. Something like that.
Always about the masks. Jesus christ, you're fucking children.
Yes, why? Why WAS your time? Why!?!?
Misread the thread title as "Erogenous water bill" I am disappoint.
No thanks, I prefer my drinking water to be untainted by the pee of any upstream cities.
I really doubt you'll need to worry about the taxes Jerry.
The legislature in Boise is just as nutty, if somewhat more provincial - most of the bills that are being considered are designed to immiserate Idahoans in general as a side effect of fucking with Boi + 1034 more characters
Mr. Lassle has some... thoughts regarding the Green New Deal? Probably in relation to Texas?
Texas showed us that they're not ready for the impacts of climate change. The details can be debated, but their infrastructure is deficient.
What. The. Actual. Fuck.
You're like, an older adult, right? A putative elder? This is the second time (at least) where you've commented on my profile picture, in a manner that I'm supposed to feel defensive about, or somethi + 12 more characters
meth is also a bitch, but that's a separate issue.
Climate change is a bitch.
What's with this Prairie Scooters nonsense? The sacred heart 4h club was the Screaming Eagles, just like God and the muggli brothers intended...
I feel personally attacked here, but fine...
And the Powerslave album is one amazing song after another, but I think this one deserves a lot more love than it gets:
I could go on, but the REAL travesty here is that Bad Religion hasn't even been nominated.
Personally, I think the best part is seeing Rickenhawk's insurance company with it's teeth firmly latched onto the public's teat... [Edited by Bridgier (2/7/2021 5:51:14 PM)]
Yes, I support a stole election, because that's the quickest way to put Jerry in a camp. Yes I support abortion, because that's the easiest way to harvest adrenochrome, yes I support crooked joe, beca + 94 more characters
Do you really believe that shit? You guys are so fucked.
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