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I'd like to see a cite on the democrats holding the bill up over climate change issues - all the reporting I can find only seems to mention the Republicans.
geez, I'm so old I remember when someone mis-typed 'cubby' as 'chubby' and they FREAKED THE FUCK OUT... good times, good times...
I've got a picture of myself in bucs gear, circa 1999, so I'm a legacy...
I agree, and am encouraging all of my Republican friends in Montana to vote Libertarian in the upcoming elections.
I would, in the spirit of the season, invite shu to merrily go fuck himself.
Karen - I'm so sorry for your losses this year, hope you're doing well...
The Winger managed to pull off an undefeated season!
So, thinking about this further over the weekend, I'm not sure you should be able to get off the hook so easily for Trump just because you 'hate him', particularly when you follow it up with 'not nec + 1038 more characters
Well, you had your chance to vote for a reasonable liberal in the last election, and now we have the choices we have. If it makes you feel any better, only Republicans are allowed to rule as kings in + 130 more characters
Yeah, whatever NounVerb911 is covering himself in, it isn't glory url I'm starting to wonder how many Lincoln Towncars he owns...
Still there, at least as of 25 years ago
Well, today he's tweeting about being the King Of Israel, so there's that...
I think that there's at least two other threads where he-who-has-been-banned tries to encourage Rob Shipley to engage in further legal actions, using lawyerly words like 'ex parte', etc, while at the + 892 more characters
Did I start this by trolling the intricate legal strategery that was being concocted lo before our very eyes? I guess maybe I did. Am I sorry that I hurt some psuedo's fee-fees? No, because he/she's a + 169 more characters
I see the sovereign citizens have arrived..
I will upvote any calls for Simon's comfort, but this will probably be the only one
I see this experiment is working out well.
Good lord how old ARE you people?
Well, for starters, I wouldn't take any checks...
Stop, I can only get so erect!
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