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Slava Ukraini.
Sorry for your loss David
You know what Dick, you're absolutely right - I'm not sure how I got Hillary Clinton into the mix, but you certainly never mentioned her. I'm going to blame my poor reading skills, or Gunnar. It was p + 15 more characters
Okay fine - tell us in 10 sentences or less WHY a vote for Trump in 2016, NOT KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW, was justified over a vote for Hillary Clinton. And then perhaps an additional 10 sentences (or + 196 more characters
Literally no democrat is saying anything approaching that level of hyperbole. [Edited by Bridgier (8/19/2022 4:54:45 PM)]
I'll be honest here Dick... I don't know if any of the things you've said here make me confident that I'd put you into the "well informed voter" camp. The president isn't some sort of emperor or king + 424 more characters
The Epoch Times, fuck oh dear. That shit will eat your brains dude.
But they'll have to find a DIFFERENT, LESS EFFICIENT way.
Felix has retired to fondle his muzzle in private.
Do I have a problem with you carrying a concealed weapon? Absolutely. You seem to lack the self control and calm demeanor that I'd prefer to see in someone carrying a lethal weapon.
Felix may not brush his teeth with gunpowder, but he fondles the FUCK out of that gun he's concealing.
Gun fondlers can't be reasoned with.
Another person I met on that passed before I got to meet in person - she was a great person to interact with here and other places online, always kind and caring - she will be greatly missed by + 54 more characters
Unfortunately, sometimes political violence IS the answer. Minority rule rarely ends well.
Thank God climate change is a myth...
Everyone in Montana (and Idaho) complains incessantly about the influx of new residents from out of state, and what is giantfart-e's commerce department up to? Sending out fliers telling people it's c + 189 more characters
I'm sure there's actually been a lot more then that, because the counting became political, but you can just take excess deaths year over year and get a pretty good idea what the true impact was.
Maybe if you tried punctuation and whitespace instead of pharmaceuticals, you'd get a better response. But life's too short to engage with a Ginsburgian wall of free-form text - if you don't respect y + 107 more characters
Jesus christ. Drugs, not even once.
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