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Shu, can we get a ruling here? Racist/Not Racist/Probably Racist But Rude To Point It Out?
If I had to pick someone to die from cancer, Jerry and his ilk would be far, far higher up the list than RGB.
Well fuck, I guess Jerry made bail/recovered from covid/remembered his password. It was nice while it lasted...
Well... the kids would probably be better about wearing masks if the adults actually bought into it
God, I hope Jerry didn't blow his 401k on Mr. Bannon's wall...
How did we get on topic of Mexican drugs again? This is why you don't waste time defending people who have proven themselves incapable of debating in good faith - you're just enabling them.
You can certainly thank a person who is generally garbage for doing the right thing when they do it, that's just being polite.
They're not supposed to protect YOU, they're to keep your nasty germs from being spewed out in droplets when you breath or sneeze.
As my dad might have said, tough titty.
Thank you Karen - we should have had dad do some sort of story archive before he passed, because he had so many stories, and loved to tell them.
So, about the time this pandemic was getting started, back in February, my mom started a bit of a family history project. Her primary source for her early life out on the god-forsaken North Dakotan pr + 2542 more characters
I see you're right, Jean's obit does NOT list covid as a cause of death, so perhaps I'm wrong in her case - Don's does however.
It was Don Muri and his mother. This information was in their obits, so I don't think I'm trafficking in rumors. The most shocking thing about this, for me, was the open funeral followed by a gravesi + 26 more characters
Thank you Jerry, for proving my point.
What a fucking moron.
Anything that accelerates the APR is fine by me.
I just went and checked, that thread is STILL going, and is one big FU to the Custer County School District. I've made a conscious decision to NOT join Miles City Chatter, mainly because I'm weak, and + 61 more characters
I see the politeness police are out in force, to protect cbs's fee fees - I hope they're as active in other threads when CBS feels the need to be a bigot.
Are we supposed to feel bad for this person?
Meh. There's plenty of people making music that aren't garbage people on the side.
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