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Obviously, providing nationalized mental health care.
Remember when all the conservatives freaked out over net neutrality? Good times. How's that free market taste now?
I guess they haven't covered how the first amendment really works yet at YoutubeU
Imagine being so fucking mediocre, that the only thing that gives your life meaning is treason and Donald Fucking Trump. Sad.
Strange that Jerry hasn't been around to tell us about the glories of the revolution...
Unfortunately, I believe that only applies to state, not federal, offices: url
I know that Jerry probably hasn't run across this in any of his youtube classes yet, but his comment above is reflected in point #8 of Umberto Eco's Ur-Fasism: "The enemy is both weak and strong" url
Really don't know what to say here Jerry - what do you honestly think is going to happen should the Republican party somehow manage to win a presidency while losing the popular vote for the third time + 471 more characters
I think we're getting to the point where you need to put your childish attachment to the Republican party away and grow the fuck up Jerry.
Montana's not a foreign country, so I'm not sure why you keep asking people where they live or who they voted for. As you're a true youtube scholar, I'll leave this for you:
Defend that. [Edited by Bridgier (1/3/2021 2:18:22 PM)]
Wait till all these patriots hear Dear Leader demand that the Georgia SoS "find" enough votes for him to win the (already certified) election...
Logistics are hard, and expensive, and the states aren't able to run deficits, so a lot of them are hurting for money. I really do hope the blue states tell the red states to get fucked the next time + 267 more characters
This is pretty weak Jerry. The President has the CDC & the entirety of the Federal Government at his disposal to craft and enact a response to the problem of vaccine distribution. Joe Biden, as of yet + 112 more characters
Bile, spite, and the lurking suspicion that they're the sad product of a poorly timed orgasm.
In a better timeline, we're sending these seditionists to a camp.
Pure frontier gibberish.
I mean, there is a post history for the the original poster, it's not difficult to infer what he means - armed rebellion because (again, based on prior posts) the government is attempting to take step + 53 more characters
If you voted for any of the R's that won in Montana, or bitched about wearing a mask, or used the term 'China Flu', I have no sympathy or pity for you.
As I understand it, they do intend to reintroduce bison into the APR.
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