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I see Tucker's dad & uncle here at work all the time, so I'm a little biased towards him, but anything will be better than what we saw a couple of weeks ago.
Choate might be on the market before too long... But I agree, Vigen didn't have much fire...
Good lord, what a couple of pelicans.
"Both people shot were not actors and so this shooting was probably Alec playing around with a gun and he was not acting out a part of a script." That assumes quite a lot, and reveals quite a lot as w + 13 more characters
Yeah, people forget that liberals own guns as well. The 1000 democrats who don't believe they're in a war seems a little high to me.
Diptheria's no joke either, infects children, if it doesn't kill you when you first get it, your chances of dying young are greatly increased, etc - but the cult is going to throw all the advancements + 176 more characters
I would not deign to imagine nor assume the vaccination status of anyone here, but... can you imagine what things would be like if insurance companies were able to deny people coverage because they ha + 209 more characters
oh for fuck's sake. Grow up. You spend a bunch of words telling Tom & Hanson that they're wrong, and that YOU can explain it to them, take offense at Hanson's suggestion that maybe YOU aren't paying a + 211 more characters
I mean, how was Hanson supposed to know that the sensory deprivation tank that raised you from an orphan recently had to be sent to the landfill, a fact which your still mourning and caused you to fin + 91 more characters
Is THAT what that was last night?
Basil was great, he's going to be missed by many.
I still see no reason not to be proud of our president in this time - why should we change course because ISIS has taken advantage of the situation to cause mayhem? It's what they do, and is further p + 889 more characters
Is "Any mercenaries, american or otherwise still left in Afghanistan on 9/1 can get deservedly fucked" too hot a take for the delicate flowers of the right?
Yeah, it was all high-fives and handjobs when 45 cut a deal with the Taliban, but now that we're keeping our word there's a freakout? get the fuck out of here.
And nothing that's been said or seen in the last week has diminished my respect for our President's forthright decision to follow through on the agreement negotiated by the prior administration, to en + 260 more characters
I'm proud of our President for owning the decision to end US security involvement in Afghanistan, and I support most of our President's foreign and domestic policies. But I'm not in a fucking cult or + 226 more characters
If it wasn't for the fact that a large number of the people who are going to be impacted are those who CAN'T get vaccinated yet (ie, children under 12), I'd probably care very little for the fate of t + 163 more characters
Someone's been daydrinking i see....
My only consolation is that I'll maybe get to live to see dumbfuck deniers have to acknowledge that they were wrong.
I believe the constitution absolutely allows for congressional oversight of FEDERAL elections, fyi...
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