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I am part owner of a place in Carbon County, Montana that also sees damage from time to time from deer (and occasionally elk). The place has been in the family for over 100 years. So I do understand w + 1520 more characters
Bart, another fine chapter in the legacy of Governor Marc Racicot. I think that chapter followed the one on the "mental health managed care fiasco". However, my favorite chapter was the "buffalo" chap + 485 more characters
I remember in the early 1980's (perhaps 1984?) it got very cold for a couple of days in February. We live in the valley, about 6 miles out, and it was so cold our vehicles wouldn't start even though t + 568 more characters
I drove to Salt Lake City on the 19th to spend 4 days with one of my daughters who could not come home for Christmas due to her job (it was her first Christmas away from home). The real cost of this " + 185 more characters
I heard a rumor that the video store closed today, and then saw the sign next to Wendy's that announced it was to be the site of an Arby's. Apparent net gain of zero.
When my children were small we would always stop and eat at the Flying J resturant when we came back into town from getting our Christmas tree in the Pines Hills. It was probably the only time we ever + 211 more characters
Levi's right about Valley Drive East, it was the interstate system that channeled the business away from them, not the Walmart effect that came later. I do believe that Walmart has had a somewhat nega + 565 more characters
David - yes its certainly too bad about Miles City Laundry. Apparently there is not a dry cleaners in Glendive either, so the next closest ones are Sidney or Billings. Kind of a hassle to haul stuff t + 52 more characters
I wasn't in the disco much, but I do remember two very good Chinese resturants in part of that building - first the Canton and then the Hunan (before it moved out on Haynes). I think the tee-shirt sto + 41 more characters
I still have some hand power tools I bought at Tempo when they were going out of business. What was the name of that little tee-shirt shop that used to be beside the A&W?
Boy, that takes me back! The Plaza was still a "hub" when I moved here - Buttreys, Osco, Tempo, A&W, Dairy Queen, First Interstate Bank, Garberson....
Thanks for the correction David. All I really know is that in the 30 years I've lived here, the number of stores has decreased significantly, not only due to Walmat and our population decline, but to + 968 more characters
We also lost Sears, and Ben Franklin was never the same either, finally closing this year.
I think most of the clothing stores left after Walmart came in - Anthonys, J.C. Pennys, Fashion Island, Shores, and NZ Shoes to name a few. Some of them might have left anyway, with our shrinking popu + 7 more characters
You can't expect parents to attend a meeting they don't know about...I have a daughter at the high school, and received no notice of the meeting. Every other parent I spoke to did not receive a notice + 321 more characters
Boy, that's a tough one! The only other idea might be to call a vet or animal control for suggestions. He might get less nervous after a day or two, but you never know. We had a stray show up a number + 163 more characters
My only suggestion would be to try and lure the dog in with food (meat or something they can't resist). Do you have a fenced yard or anything like that? I live in the country, and that's been critical + 99 more characters
Actually I spelled it wrong - its Fastenal, and its located on North Haynes Ave. by the storage units. I believe it specializes in supplying building contractors. anyway, directly across from it is a + 22 more characters
It's my understanding that the property was purchased by Town Pump to expand their operation (if you notice, their truck stop parking extends behind McDonalds and borders on the old motel property). S + 213 more characters
Here in Montana the Republican Party would not invite the Lt. Governor (Republican John Bollinger) to their state convention because he had the nerve to run on the same ticket as our Democratic Govern + 391 more characters
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