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Steve- your "facts" are based on the info you choose to believe apparently....and if private companies can ban whomever they choose then why can't the Bakery shop refuse cakes to same-sex marriages? Y + 74 more characters
Ask yourself this; How much discussion took place regarding the RUSSIAN dossier investigation with Robert Mueller on twitter when it was going on? Eventually it was shown to be false information.Shoul + 326 more characters
Steve Sullivan, I have watched MSNBC and CNN they are everybit as one sided as you claim FOX is, if you don't see that then you are so brainwashed they'll be no level discussion with you. Just as Amaz + 325 more characters
Bridgier and Gunnar, The free market would taste fine - if it was a free market, when public or private entities start deciding who can have a voice and who can't it is no longer free is it? People sh + 331 more characters
I'd also add that they enjoy protections against liability that other private companies do not. If they are doing this censorship out of a declared responsibility for their published content then they + 64 more characters
yes, who is not aware that they are private companies? That was not the question. Newspapers are also private companies but if they choose to only publish letters to the editor from a single perspecti + 253 more characters
So I'd like all you Liberals to explain and defend your position to silence free speech- the acts of Amazon, Facebook, Twitter ban Parler and conservative speech on their platforms and block Pr + 546 more characters
What Bridgier and Gunnar mean - they're not sure what your post is about - but if you're a democrat and posted it, you're fine and they agree with you, but if you're a republican and posted it, then y + 16 more characters
Meh must be Bridgier speak for " I am naive and yield" and Tucker, I don't know if you've ever thought about it but have you ever looked at it from the perspective that the more "modern and enlighten + 1348 more characters
You like to eat don't you Bridgier? Pull up your bootstraps! Rural America feeds Metropolitan America....America needs rural America, how naive are you? If rural America, Farmers, stopped growing food + 93 more characters
You throw that out there Bridgier like you're proving it was a faulty document - It wasn't. The first 10 were Bill of Rights and they were added because from the get -go the founders wanted more concr + 550 more characters
Those of you who call the constitution a relic and an outdated item to be disposed of are an insult to yourselves and your fellow citizens. The hundreds of thousands of men and women who have fought a + 1363 more characters
Gunnar- this post wasn't funny the first time you posted it...... keeping at it doesn't make it any funnier....give it a rest.
Whatever- The Chinese Yuan is now tanking tonight because they now believe Trump will win and the tariffs he put in place will stay ..... making America more competitive in trade agreements. You guys + 65 more characters
Looks like your "reputable" (ha!) news sources aren't so reputable... are they?!!
Oh yeah..? well my channel has said all along that your MSNBC polls are wrong -looks like mine are right about that Tom- everybody knows the Main Stream media isn't reliable they're biased through and + 87 more characters
That is Gunnars problem, the only source of information he believes is MS-NBC... they make him think he is right in his views. He's so wrong and he can't see it. All he can do is insult and taunt like + 60 more characters
I also find it interesting that the "regulars" on this board ranted and raved about President Trump and his Russian collusion - that has now all been proven to be false allegations made up by the Libe + 253 more characters
Maybe Biden should pay it back with all the money he is getting from Russia. Google the words Biden - Bobulinski , the truth is coming out. The democrats falsely accused the President of collusion whe + 41 more characters
David - Your link leads to a web page for Senator Rob Portman...a Republican from Ohio - and reads "Article Not Found" .... I never said what then VP Biden was over there for, not sure how you drew th + 173 more characters
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