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Maybe Biden should pay it back with all the money he is getting from Russia. Google the words Biden - Bobulinski , the truth is coming out. The democrats falsely accused the President of collusion whe + 41 more characters
David - Your link leads to a web page for Senator Rob Portman...a Republican from Ohio - and reads "Article Not Found" .... I never said what then VP Biden was over there for, not sure how you drew th + 173 more characters
Biden got the prosecutor fired who WAS investigating the corruption with Biden's son Hunter and the Company he was receiving large compensation from for doing nothing...AND he used the withholding of + 513 more characters
intelligent opposition
Yes, (intellignet) this is a typo in my post above, not an incorrect spelling, intelligent. I know how to spell too.
"Gunnar Emilsson Wrote: Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+13875) 13 days ago Sigh.It is very difficult to have an intelligent debate with those of limited reading comprehension skills. I could go over point + 801 more characters
Also Gunnar, using the word "hate" does not make a kinder, gentler Gunnar. Just trying to help you with that.
Gunnar wote: "Honestly, people, you gotta quit making sh!t up like your hero Cadet Bone Spurs just because you hate whom you perceive to be liberals. Facts are facts, and no amount of crying Fake News + 735 more characters
1.Innocent until proven guilty. 2.Innocent until proven guilty. Which is much more consideration that this group gave Cavanaugh.
Just an observation of this group- when Cavanaugh was accused of sexual assault you were all posting what an outrage it was he was being considered for Supreme Court Justice and you were all convinced + 250 more characters
Ha ! The Dems got treated in the Senate the same way they treated the R's in the house - they hated the taste of their own medicine !
The liberals better keep trying to destroy the economy or else!
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