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call craig miller at 951 2939 he has pens available
then why not just say that instead of only attacking diane? why not go to the meetings and voice your opinion rather than posting it online? seems reasonable to me
exactly! glad to hear you have had so much success over the years helping so many pets once again i wish the best of luck to you!
Yes Diane shame on you for trying to do a good thing and fostering pets. Shame on you for spending your money feeding, sheltering,providing medical care of these pets for the past 14 years. Did your n + 325 more characters
Just an FYI for everyone there has been a person using the radio and internet asking for peoples kittens, these people are from Sydney MT and are misleading others, they are feeding these kittens that + 134 more characters
oh shoot i wish i would have seen this earlier, i just chased a red and white dog out of my horse area, as he was barking at them a few days ago i will look around the area and see if i can find him!
it was the middle of the night or early morning they broke into it so i was not awake at the time (dispatch said there were other vehicles broken into on my same street so i feel for anyone else who h + 204 more characters
to the people who broke into my pickup (while parked in my driveway)seriously get a friggin job, some of us work our asses off for the stuff we have and you come along and feel that you can just take + 18 more characters
if you drive up you will see many horses on sunset drive, and i used to have mine out there
there is a family that lives right next to the seed plant that has a corgi, is it young by chance?
thanks for having it online, it makes it nice to see when you cant be there
for once i agree
the horse was sold? if not someone please contact me so i can possibly care for it untill it is healthy?
where is this horse what has been done with her please tell us
thanks but there was another professional photographer out there taking pix of the whole rodeo also, i saw him but it wasn't mr.riggs just thought someone else might have caught his name or buisness n + 3 more characters
does anyone know who was taking pictures of the rodeo this friday?
i dont think nikki is being rude guys lets just drop it, this family is dealing with alot.. and see u there nikki hope your mom is getting better!!
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