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Thanks Brian It's nice to see an intelligent, mature post in here. Who of us has not screwed up? Who has not hurt someone, accidentally? Hopefully, everyone learned something.
I'll take it... moving back after 44 years in the desert. Leaving cactus house plants.. no more desert stuff!
Hate the sin , but not the sinner!
Did I miss seeing Major Pain in here? Hi Frank, I remember you from CCHS. Evolution = from ooze to you by way of the zoo! Not for me, I serve an awesome God!
They call the wind Maria - Paint Your Wagon Make Believe - Show Boat The Black Hills of Dakota - Calamity Jane Camelot - Camelot Reviewing the Situation - Oliver I'll never say No - Unsinkable Molly B + 164 more characters
RE: Snow! 14 years ago
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Hal - is that in Miles City? I'm moving back in December I think. I get my winter clothes out when it gets down to 60 here. Guess I'll have to adjust.
I remember ... Our number was 1751 before dial came in. I was told that Miles City was the test area for the first dial phones. Dad used to play music on it till the operator called and asked him not + 483 more characters
Thank You so much (both of you) nothing available now, so I'm still looking.
I am moving and need to find a storage facility in Miles City so I can have my stuff shipped ASAP. I have an old phone book but the numbers in it are bad. Anyone know of a storage place there, can you + 62 more characters
OK - my last comment in this thread. The Bible is not a weapon to beat people over the head. It is a "Manufacture Guide" if you will (refer to the Maker). A self improvement - and love letter from the + 597 more characters
As much as I am NOT a debater - I might not be able to resist getting into this again tomorrow. for now - good night.
There are too many versions - yes. I don't think God speaks with the King James accent! If you read one that is translated from the original Hebrew/Greek - but still in translation, you loose somethi + 524 more characters
I read this a few years ago (I'm sorry I don't know where) It was one of those historical fact info sheets. I can't back it up (I wasn't around then) so do with it as you will. "Two hundred years ago + 277 more characters
Science is not my thing - here is an expert url 66/40 with Chuck Missler (66 books - 44 authors) (subject) Technical - 16 broadcasts The Lord knows more about Space and Time than we do, and He share + 112 more characters
Why is it that scientific proof changes through the years?
Major, There is a difference between religion and Christianity. Religion: mans attempt at feeling good about himself. Christian: a follower of Jesus the Christ (Anointed One) Proof = No one can prove + 1789 more characters
Oh Major - I'm so sorry for the pain & anger in your life. What a witness you will be when you see the light (sorry if you rebel over that, but, watch for it). God does not control us - men (and women + 480 more characters
I had food poisoning from Subway in Cottonwood about a year ago. I spent 2 days in the hospital. My Dr said they get more food poisoning cases from Subway and Sizzler (steak house) Salad Bar, than any + 488 more characters
95% of the prophecies in the Bible have come to pass (100% correct). I believe the rest are coming soon. Look at the Middle East. Read Epicenter by Joel Rosenberg. I have had miracle after miracle in + 1425 more characters
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