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Brian you could have done without the wise ass remarks before your rather well thought out post. You do it to get a response from other posters who don't see eye to eye with you, so when you get the r + 542 more characters
Such a DICK.
Isn't that Steve?
RE: Yes! 14 years ago
in Humor, Jokes & Games
Good for Buzz I think he waited about 1:30 longer than he should have to punch that dipsh*t but age brings patience. Chuck can't do that his fists are registered weapons.
What are you guys (unisex) going to do about the H1N1 shots? Are you going to take one? Are your children? Do you think it's been rushed to market? Help me decided, give me your thoughts, I seriously + 132 more characters
Now I don't know if this is true but I heard that since he through out the first pitch at the all star game he's concidered a shoe in for the Cy Young award this year.
Say what?
I know if he goes though with it, it's mass murder.
That is crazy good. What a work out, great to see a bunch of kids can still do something like that.
Here's another of Obama's prize picks for council and advice, Kevin Jennings, a suporter of NAMBLA, a advocate for the "gaying of schools" and all around party guy. It just gets more wierd each day, w + 364 more characters
Jim what have you got against ferns?
I work for the Government.....But don't tell my Mother she thinks I'm a bouncer at a whore house.
I thought the law stated 50 ft. Go ahead and see how that's working for you in MC, in Billings the smokers are about 50 inches from the door of the buildings if that. It's an intrusive law, it should + 458 more characters
Bye Bye !!!
Whats wrong with a little global warming? If it's warm out it won't be as big of a deal when the oldsters have to choose between meds and heat.
I have to think that where you are with your own health care provisions will have a direct impact on which side of this debate you come down on. I have good, not congress good, but good coverage under + 585 more characters
voiceofreason, You are the reason we as a people have lost control of our country. We need to speak up more often whwn we feel our public officials have lost sight of the reason we pay them. They shou + 76 more characters
I would certianly think the officer owes Mr. Schott an explaination of his reaction to the picture takeing. If for any reason he brings up any terms such as terror, terrorist, suspicious, or the phras + 170 more characters
You need a hobby! I don't want to play, find another sucker.
Thanks Mr. Wizard. Save the condescension for someone else I'm not impressed.
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