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Yes, it is true that I signed up yesterday, and I haven't intentionally put any lyrics in any of my posts, though I do love "Imagine" and most of my comments have been based on religion, it's a favori + 341 more characters
That's actually saddened me quite a bit. No, I am not a troll. Yes, I did grow up in the 90's and 00's, I won't lie. But just because I'm younger in no way does that make my opinion any more valid tha + 934 more characters
Please, explain the "preaching from a different bible bandwagon". I'm interested to know.
[/quote]Kids are exposed to hazardous hydrocarbons every time you gas your car, or drive by refineries, or eat chili. Can I get an amen! Kids are exposed to hazardous lead when you take them fishing, + 2713 more characters
So did mine, and so did I. However, if you think that "not causing a scene" is more important than the the potential harms of the situation, then we're not going to convince each other of our views.
In a situation where someone is in danger, social norms are swept aside. These children were not in immediate danger, but they were definitely being exposed to a harmful substance. It may have been so + 156 more characters
Sounds wonderful! Maybe I'll make my way down to the high school to watch a play some time.
While I do agree with you Steve, there are some problems with this. In fact, the strictest followers of religion would never be able to abide by this. If they follow the Qur'an word for word, Muslims + 555 more characters
It deals in relation to the conversation because parents making decisions for children before they are old enough to make those decisions for themselves is... I almost called it abuse, but in some ca + 542 more characters
I'm happy to know that someone's got a sense of humor. Though this is obviously a parody thread, I do hope that you're not suggesting atheists sacrifice animals, worship the devil etc. That would be v + 16 more characters
I really hate to bash religion (again), but I sort of feel this way when I hear parents say that their baby or small child is a Christian, or an atheist, or a Muslim. It's akin to this situation becau + 354 more characters
I think this is a wonderful thing you're doing here. Food seems to be one of those things we humans can't seem to live without, and I heartily thank you for giving it to the less fortunate, who truly + 139 more characters
To Brian, honestly I figured if anyone here was an atheist that it would be you.
In response to many to many of you, I believe that yes, religion should be respected. However, I think religion is exempt from criticisms of other beliefs. I do believe that religion has caused severe + 525 more characters
So, in a generally Christian city we have, I was wondering if there happen to be any atheists besides myself out there. I haven't met anyone else in town who is an atheist as well, and I'm not asking + 202 more characters
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