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The schools districts have mandatory fire drills that are to be performed quarterly. Are there any practiced drills for an armed shooter on the property. I know of a dozen + cases in the US of a shoot + 253 more characters
I should have been more clear on my question. Since the school shootings around the US. Have our schools changed anything to ensure the safety of our children? I read the article and understand "no fu + 667 more characters
I'm sure some of you have heard about the gun at school in today's paper. Does any one know what measures have been taken in our schools to further protect our towns children and staff at the schools. + 18 more characters
How many blond jokes are there? 1, the rest are true stories.
bump....keepin it going!
And thank you to Sigrid Laird, Hannah Nash and Amorette Allison and everyone else making ANY contribution!
Awesome! I'm in! Oh, and another suggestion for improvements would be a roof over the locker room/bathroom areas. Last couple time there a few kids climbed up on the roof and were peering into the lad + 10 more characters
Hannah Nash, thank you for starting this thread. I myself am sorry for the ugly turn it has taken. Maybe we can Re-post the original again and lets see if we can keep the discussion on the Oasis. It s + 335 more characters
What a bunch of crap! I WAS excited to read this post. But all it has been is a Soap Opera. If you guys want to talk crap to each other give out your phone numbers and text all this junk back and fort + 626 more characters
Ha ha! That is a funny one for sure. do children through their feces. I can't believe you posted this! Any feces can transmit disease of coarse. But I don't see stray children running around crapping on playgrounds. You don't + 518 more characters
LOL! That is true, no one wanted to tackle him after that. Also no one wanted to give him a ride home, or wash his coat I'm sure. It could be a stray dog, or someone just to lazy to walk the extra 50 + 469 more characters
I am not sure if its an actual park or not, but if it is something needs done. My children and I were playing on the grass happened upon a large amount of dog poo. If you do bring your dog over there + 405 more characters
Where exactly is he/they putting in this 40 hours per week in the winter. I would think in the 16 weeks since its started snowing I would have seen him plowing somewhere putting in lets say 20 hours a + 35 more characters
Thank you. That was aaamazing.
And furthermore pull the guy out of the street sweeper for 1 week a month. Train him to run a plow and use that week per month to concentrate on side streets for the winter. Im sure the citizens of Mi + 506 more characters
Move, thats an easy solution. Everyone in Miles City that thinks there should be a different fix for the potholes should move... Well it looks like it would only be you and a few die hards staying aro + 1088 more characters
Its kinda fun, swervin around reminds me of Nascar...Warming up the tires. Its the same holes every year. Leighton is beating the brakes off my truck. If a post keeps falling over do you keep putting + 179 more characters
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