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TheDude, been there done that. Them were the good old days.
I see they are remodeling the Unique Creations building on South Haynes Avenue. Does anyone know for sure what is going in there? I have heard from several people that the building had been bought by + 59 more characters
Just to clarify to all of you who jump to conclusions, the post was not intended to make anyone feel bad or to put anyone down. It was just an observation that I had made while looking at the milescit + 889 more characters
I see the photo in the Star says "During his lecture at Miles Community Collage on Wednesday Hal Stearns uses a map to help explain how railroad availability, advertising and other promotional efforts + 77 more characters
How about adding a pet lost/found display area?
No thank you. No profile picture, no picture at all. My choice on all social media. Please respect that.
There used to be a way to become a radiologist in 2 years I think. Hospitals often would contract the person to go to school, pay the cost of schooling, and pay a small wage for a commitment to their + 130 more characters
I would love to see them stay, but if they do, I think the visual would be better if they sank the base into the ground so the horses looked like they are standing on the ground. It would be nice if t + 128 more characters
AMF? AMF Bowling Co. url
Only one problem with your post, that building is not the 600 Cafe Building. It is across from the Olive Hotel. It Belongs to Miles Milligan. It used to contain the flower shop, computer store, comput + 78 more characters
Already done Amorette. I also PM'd Miles' contact info. [Edited by Tim Wagoner (4/22/2016 9:49:14 AM)]
Sent a picture of this to a friend and he commented on how the Milligan Hotel building one block down and on the left has 2 stories not three. This was taken before the 3rd story was built.
One of the things that needs fixed is the ads. In firefox when you scroll in to make the site fill the screen the ads at the bottom leave the screen and they do not scroll with the window. If you zoom + 319 more characters
After a closer search I find Anthony Page Construction listed in a search stating they work in Miles city. There is no Anthony page Construction listed in either search listed above. Definitely ask an + 82 more characters
There are two Page Constructions listed in the business entity lookup page. One in Kalispell and Whitefish, both of them have expired. Have them show you their license and insurance before hiring them + 261 more characters
Add a trade feature to the classifieds or make a barter and trade area. The idea is that people often do services for items, or sell items for services. Example: Subject: Looking for someone to move + 322 more characters
url [Edited by Tim Wagoner (3/11/2016 12:20:35 AM)]
Is that where the current MDU building and lot is?
Why couldn't you just have an insert button that had the different ways of posting videos and add the appropriate tags to the string and save that? Same with Bold/Underline ... insert: hyperlink q + 74 more characters
David... Who Really Gives a F$%k What The Capitalization Is, Except A Few A$$HOLES On Here.
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