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Brandy, If you look at my other post (I think it's two down from this one in Computers), he left a reply on there. If you click on his user name it will take you to his profile and there is a button t + 205 more characters
Tim Wagoner: Thanks for wishing me luck (no sarcasm, you're much nicer than some people on here), I called Signal Butte Computers, and this was the price I was quoted to move all files to a USB drive + 2574 more characters
I called to get an average price on a basic computer cleanup here, and was shocked to hear that it's the low flat rate of $150, so I am offering my services to those who want their computer to look an + 953 more characters
tinagraber and 64, I called the computer people here in town, and they charge a flat rate of $150 per computer, which I think is absolutely outrageous. I've sent you both messages to the email listed + 2311 more characters
Hi Kay, It's late, but I will give you a call tomorrow. Not sure if it was you and I that were talking, or if we were both talking to other people, but I can help you out if you're still having proble + 16 more characters
I have a Compaq Presario 2100, which had Windows XP SVP 2 installed on it. When I boot, it now reads UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME on the blue screen of death. I do not have the boot disk for Windows XP, so + 1197 more characters
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