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While serving in the military I noticed the love affair with the G.O.P. and the Brass. I was even instructed to vote G.O.P. by my commanders. The reason I believe is there support for high price weapo + 112 more characters
The anti vaccers problem may fix itself in time.Over the long haul they're a dying breed.
I'm an veteran of Vietnam ( Class of ( 69 & 70 ). The current mess in Afghanistan would of played out the same 10 years ago or 10 years frm now. Afghan is a holy war that will last forever. We had goo + 287 more characters
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?????? 16 days ago
Dose anyone know of an antique firearms appraisers in the Miles City area  Call or text 406-852-3432. Thank You
RE: Silver Coins 28 days ago
Canadian is 1958, Barbra is 1912D.
Silver Coins 28 days ago
Dollars, Morgan 1878 -8 feathers $200.00-Morgan 1888-O $55.00-Barbra half 1912-O $20.00. Canadian  Silver Dollars 1935 $60.00, 1939 $30.00, 1949 $30.00, 1959 $25.00, 1966 $30.00.  Call or text 406-852 + 6 more characters
Beer Adv. Early 60s one month ago
Great Falls Select Beer , Montana Topographic Map. Rare $175.00 Call or text 406-852-3432.