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What I can find regarding the Casey family: John Casey (1814-1881) born and died in England. Married Fanny __?__ (1819-1903) She was born in Ireland and died 18 Dec 1903, in Miles City; buried Custer + 2423 more characters
I like Lay Lady Lay and have the LP and have also purchased it on CD. I haven't figured out if it is because the songs are so good, or because Bob Dylan doesn't sing like Bob Dylan.
Thanks everybody for the assistance.
Is there a business in Miles City that is buying aluminum cans for recycling?
No Ranch dressing. Hard to imagine that there was such a time. For some people Ranch goes on every item of food--can probably make frog's legs taste like lettuce instead of chicken. [Edited by Jack Mc + 27 more characters
Thanks for sharing this Hal. I miss your list of sources that you used to post on different subjects. I could use a good ten page bibliography on the Cohagen Bar post of this week.
Thanks for the information.
Who in Miles City takes passport photos?
Thanks for the site, Cindy. I have thought about developing a talk on homesteading in Montana with emphasis on the laws and rules involved. If it is not a very long talk I will make it a Power Point p + 130 more characters
In the October/November 1949 Billings Gazettes there are classified ads under "Personals" for Bart's Shirt Shop. SHIRTS made to order. Our material or your own. Bart's Shirt Shop. 410 Custer Ave. Ph. + 5 more characters
Another Facebook page with interesting Montana history is the Bannack Association. url
My gosh, Tucker, that was interesting. You need to write it up with more detail and share with us. I was in grade school at the local one room school when one of the parents called with the news. The + 129 more characters
I was thinking Gregorian Chants. After that it is all modern AM noise.
I think the Affordable Care Act is slightly shorter than this story. Let me know when it comes out in Cliff Notes.
There must be a difference between Hulu and Hula. Boy was I mislead on this thread.
I was in Miles City this week and stopped by the library to check old newspaper microfilm for the death information on Bob Roberts. The projector was in use so Jean Nielsen of the library staff sent m + 2123 more characters
I had thought of that last night when I found Kid Brown in the 1900 Census and saw who his family members were. I will call Tom, but may also contact you one of these days. Enjoyed the one visit we ha + 42 more characters
I am looking for information on Adolph "Kid" Brown, the son of early Miles City personage Charlie Brown. The only census I can find him in is 1900 in which he gives his occupation as "gambler". He see + 124 more characters
Since this has turned into a discussion on captivities, Margaret Box Brunson who was captured by the Kiowa in Texas in 1866, lived in Garfield County and died in Terry in 1920. She has family still li + 17 more characters
Thank you for the reference to the 1939 newspaper. I don't think I would have ever found it otherwise. The D.J. O'Malley columns are interesting and I wish they would be collected in a book. Writing f + 226 more characters
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