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There is an enormous difference in your list, Oddjob, old toot. Karl Marx, Castro, Che, Ho Chi Minh and you failed to mention Leon Trotsky are idealistic intellectuals that cared about the human cond + 981 more characters
I was a junior in high school. The fear factor was high and I have learned through the years what an effective political tool fear is. Oddjob, how delightful to see you joined in to spout the party li + 48 more characters
You do know that there is life outside of Custer county, right? I am amazed that Amorette is the only responder to this post..
Viva Obama, Viva Cuba. Let's just hope our idea of normalization doesn't mean paraíso corporativa or estado esclavista. Thoughts
Fave, Becks Bolero or Santana's Europa Least fave, any Elvis Presley song Obviously not.
ome ome on deranged, weird the dear handy buff alone plague.
Do da do da all the do da day.
Awe inspiring.
Wow, 508 with Linux using chrome.
I suspect gabacho, Jett is insult proof.
Here is hoping that Montana can rise above the Obama-as-pejorative comments and NRA rhetoric. I continue to have hope that Montana will not fall into the same slime that Texas and Florida have.
Antrocanoligist are Very specialized veterinarians dealing with the health, history and social behavior of eusocial insects of the family Formicidae, descended from wasps, also known as ants.
Si, por qué no?
Bridgerier is nuts. I say go ahead. It should be OK.
Jim, as always, I wish you all the best with this great event. It is nice to see that community is still coming together to bring events like this to Miles City. I am happy to see my Banjo with wings + 327 more characters
Check with my amiga, Erin Espeland. She can steer you in the right direction. Scott at Great Grains on 9th Street can tell you how to get in touch with her. I have lost contact with her since she marr + 119 more characters
Richard, Mi hermano, perlas delante de los cerdos.
Ah, a good Gringo, with Jesus on his side. "Onward Christian soldiers marching off to war, (everybody sing) with the cross of Jesus going on before."
Dear Gabacho oddjob, My English is not all that it should be but I found Mr Bonines posting succinct and articulate. I found nothing about state control. Mind control and manipulation? Yes but no gov + 354 more characters
Does anyone else see the irony?
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