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No. I just feel that the holiday pay, vacation and other benefits are enough. Sick leave is for the most part used as more vacation not time off sick. I also think there are to many federal holidays. + 148 more characters
Yes I was paid fairly, had some paid holidays but no sick leave. I think that most of the people who pay taxes would love to have all those benefits along with the medical plan. I know this kind of th + 97 more characters
In the end we all work for the government. The government can pay any amount.they don't have to show a profit, just look at our national debt
I think they are spoiled. I would doubt that many people in other jobs get that good pay for holidays and sick leave, l have worked for several large companies as a computer programmer and never had a + 30 more characters
How many paid holiday's do they need
EMI no longer taking plastic. Anyone know why? I wish they would start taking it again. Liked having a place to take it.
Sweet corn one year ago
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Anyone selling locally grown sweet corn?
Great artest always loved his music
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