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Also...I didn't know California had a 406 area code......strange report you have there
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for example, according to what I've seen he lived in North Dakota.... I don't see that on your expensive report....
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No, a "real" check by "real" officials through offial channels like through the police department, dept.of Justice or Sheriff's Department. Not from one of thousands of these computer background check + 11 more characters
He hasn't been sued, I guess that's something.......beyond that it's a mute point until a backgroung check has been done. Due diligence, then we'll know.
20 out of about 8 or 9 thousand people in town. I don't think thats a resounding vote of support. Sounds like the council will have thier work cut out for them. I wonder who they'll put in as the new + 8 more characters
Do you need ID to get in? (oops, sorry joe...)
I wonder how the Hardin Jail Supporters felt about those who wanted a background check on the company they almost went into business with. I bet they are very glad they finally got that guy checked ou + 38 more characters
Mr. Schott: "3 words..... Witness Protection Program." Thank you I really needed this!
But how does everyone know how wonderful Joe is without a background check. Honestly, isn't that the least our city council could do for us. If it's clear, they can do what they want. Where's everyone + 18 more characters
Kyle- You're forgetting that to the rest of the known world we don't exist and a mayor of a tiny town in the middle of nowhere is NOT high profile. Where's the background check??? If he has some emb + 185 more characters
The only real reason I can think of for an intelligent being to NOT get registration and a license is that he is running from something somewhere else. I think there is a lot more to this story than a + 182 more characters
Bridgier- I wonder if heath is familiar with the Hutterite practice of Shunning. Maybe it's time we stop reponding to Him??? Just a thought....
Bridgier- Your right about Heath, it's like talking to his name sake. People will start thinking your crazy talking to inanimate objects.
JLB- You make some very compelling arguements. Something to think about. Thanks. Heath - Thanks, you're right.
Sounds like heath has the Entitlement Mentality. He got lucky and maybe has a few dollars and feels that ENTITLES him to something. So much for responsibility, and love of country. I wonder how many m + 204 more characters
Jeez heath, I did't think you'd just give up like that or was the freakish suggestion you made actually an idea. Sad man, sad. Those without ideas mock what they don't understand.
How sad for the ten of thousands more who are going to be ruined financially and emotionally because our Senator sold his huevos to the Insuance Companies. Some legacy he's leaving.
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