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Marsh is located between Fallon and Glendive just south of the Yellowstone River, there is not much left of it.
Does anyone know if the new dam bypass channel at Intake, is complete enough to have water flowing through it this spring, or when it will be operational so the fish can pass the dam? Thanks
River ice is out with some ice flowing with the high water down here several miles below Fallon, wondering if anyone knows, if the ice is out between Miles city and Terry. I have heard it is out above + 20 more characters
I have an large old advertising wall clock that says" Dales Jewelers " in large letters around the front and Gruen Watch Time on the clock Face. I purchased this years ago at a sale in Mile City and w + 183 more characters
I would be outraged too, the deer was free to roam and not locked up. And it had survived to be six years old, with the amount of tags they sell, other predators, and obstacles out there. Here the dee + 576 more characters
Hey Hal , Interesting story , Thanks
OK, I am maybe wrong on that, I remember the other Slaters also.
I had a friend named Monte Slater in high school, seems to me his dad`s name was Kermit. If I am correct on that, he had another son, that I think still lives in Miles.
Thanks for posting this!
George Hill in Miles City, not sure this number is up to date 406 951 0059 , he is located just west of Haynes Avenue, a few blocks north like of Bloedorn`s Lumber
Bacon grease works well and I have used cat food too.
Trees break strong winds, besides provide shade, cover for wildlife, help prevent erosion.
Wondering if people are still catching some northern pike in the river or anything else exciting? Thanks
Thanks for posting this Tim , interesting the cat would be that close to town . I am sure some others appreciate your posting this too , I heard of an incident where cattle stampeded out of a feedlot + 176 more characters
Was down to minus 32 here, near Fallon,Mt., this morning.
Wow, almost 10,000 members of this site, and a couple know it all`s, how nice and sweet you are .Wonder why so few of the others post, da. Everybody suffered that was caught up in that storm, one of t + 774 more characters
In response it the post, a neighbor sent me some pictures of the dead livestock,as bad as I have ever seen. Feel really sorry for those folks and all the livestock loss and suffering, and hardships th + 129 more characters
Ya, Thanks for posting this Hal , its great this is being done. Our rivers are are great resource, we need to keep some water in them too.
It was out by where the old Redrock Cafe was, I remember thinking it appeared to be rather cheaply built. And it burnt down , under questionable circumstances, if I remember right.
Someone near Terry told me a story about someone else catching two bass, and that they where 18 inches long. I was thinking that`s pretty big, and after more questions, they said the bass where silver + 264 more characters
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