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Alright I'm tired of waiting for someone else to point it out. But Ashley does your heart really "hoe" out for the families involved, and if so for how much? Curious minds would like to know?
I dislike Ron Paul because he kicked my puppy and punched my kitten.
Howdy, rarely do I ever reply to threads on here, but I'm pretty sure the term "chicken(s)" refers to the specie of animal and the terms rooster and hen refer the sex of said specie. Were "rooster" be + 36 more characters
Fathers's day was/is on a sunday.
My all time favorite is Skullsplitter by Orkney Brewery. Not for the faint of heart though.
Any chance the owners of the cat will file lawsuits against these kids for distress and whatever else thier lawyer can come up with? What about east main to recover costs?
This will be streamed live via pay-per-view, goto the website for details.
Nope, no good places to eat.
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So Russell you and your cowboy friend used "cornholing" to pass the time? Sounds a little "brokeback" to me!
If you wanted to see the full original version you could look here:
Well said Amorette.
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