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I'd love to see another recent interview clip with Charles Woods with another network. If you're aware of one, please post it. I thought Charles Woods was well spoken and although Sean Hannity may be + 96 more characters
Amorette, it's sad that you would not consider the interview clip with Charles Woods, father of slain Navy Seal,Ty Woods because the interviewer is Sean Hannity. I do not watch Sean's show but came ac + 189 more characters
url Charles Woods, father of slain Navy Seal Ty Woods provides more info on the subject. And yes, I know, many of you don't like Fox or Sean H. I'm not a fan of Sean H. either. But I thought this clip + 166 more characters
Carol H, I think you make some great points. I have wondered how they could say they couldn't get there in time. As you mentioned, how could any one know how long this attack would go on. Plus diploma + 283 more characters
Yes, Richard, clearly you have brought up some "pragmatic" and "tangible" efforts of others. I was not trying to be dismissive of those when I said "little" has been brought up, I was trying to show a + 97 more characters
I hesitate to post on this forum since people tend to be so mean here but little has been brought up on the efforts and generosity of others...here it goes. The Black Hills Area Community Foundation h + 908 more characters
howdy, re: a medicare type program for all that you mentioned...it wouldn't surprise me if things went that way at some point, but I'll tell you my mom's experience with it as she is 85...she lost a g + 1713 more characters
a staffer from Max Baucus's Office passed this on to me re: the Medical Device Tax and it's repeal...both Max and Jon Tester voted against the repeal. U.S. NEWS Updated March 22, 2013, 6:10 p.m. ET M + 4226 more characters
Donald Mullikin, I'd forgotten about Congress exempting their members from Obama Care...do you recall any explanation for this? I had to reread you post a couple times. It made me sad and mad that our + 965 more characters
Howdy, I had not heard of the Cabela's error. Read the Snopes link and apparently they had a computer glitch with some new software that erroneously charged the medical excise tax when it shouldn't ha + 616 more characters
trying to get some links to come up that I read on this tax but they aren't coming through...one from the Washington times, one from the huffington post. I guess this tax is on the companies that deve + 66 more characters
Oh boy Howdy, it is confusing and I do try to do research..maybe I should get the book you mentioned Jeri. So what are some thoughts on the medical device tax? Does the book you mentioned talk about t + 526 more characters
The selfishness of not wanting to help your neighbor, being worried over your neighbor having more or an easier time in life, is just astounding. If life were fair, horses would ride half the time. p + 560 more characters
When does a kid become a responsible adult? I was on my parents health insurance until I got out of college at age 21 and then paid for my own health insurance. I've never been without health insuranc + 185 more characters
Since the passage of Obama Care 3 years ago, our health insurance premiums have gone up 39.5%. We now pay over $13,000.00 a year for health insurance, yes that's 13 thousand. This is for 2 people, sel + 1253 more characters
meds as mentioned in these posts can be a great tool if there is a proper diagnosis and proper monitoring. An in-law's sibling was misdiagnosed for years as schizophrenic when she was really bi-polar. + 972 more characters
dog is more than likely a pit or pit mix...edit function in original message not working. dog was taken to East Main Animal clinic Miles City.
An adult male Boxer type dog showed up at a friends place this morning near the Powder River Bridge, Hwy 12 between Baker and Miles City, MileMarker 31 area. He is mostly black with some white on both + 336 more characters
thank you! I will look them up.
are there any upholstery shops in town? thanks!
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