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On December 28,1900 eleven men rode into a Daut/Selway sheep camp at Otter, Montana, held up the herder, and clubbed to death 2113 head of sheep. A "conspiracy of silence" about the event settled on t + 813 more characters
In my research on the Bear Creek Raid I came across an interview which says that some of thr clubs used in tbe Raid were on display in a Miles City bar. Does anyone know where these clubs ate now? The + 63 more characters
Hi Ike, You are right about Ned Kelly's name. I think he was a 1st Lt.(P) which means he was selected for promotion to Captain pending Congress approval of tbe promotion list. Following his unfortunat + 387 more characters
Hi Sally. I doubt that Cpt. Edmond "Ned" Kelly was closely related to your relative John Casey. Cpt. Casey was deployed with the Cheyenne Scouts to help contain the "Ghost Dance Craze" in late 1890. H + 109 more characters
On December 28, 1900 eleven masked riders rode into a sheep camp on Toomey Creek, a tributary to Otter Creek in southeastern Montana. They put a gun on the herder, tied him to his sheep wagon, shot hi + 1051 more characters
While the killing of Hugh Boyle in September of 1890 has been discussed in this forum quite extensively, there was another murder by Cheyennes in May of 1890. Robert Ferguson and his brother establish + 4049 more characters
Hi All, I have been reviewing all the material available on the Hugh Boyle murder for the past year in preparation for my upcoming book "Between Two Tribes". While there are many versions as to what h + 1265 more characters
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