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I was watching the movie "A River Runs Through It" and it made reference to some new Burma-Shave signs along the highway. I checked out Wikipedia to see the history of the Burma Shave signs and they d + 436 more characters
Caleb Frare, pitcher from Miles City, for the Chicago White Sox, pitched his first outing yesterday (2019), April I st. He pitched 2/3 of an inning and walked one and struck out two.
(1) Road between Biddle and Belle Creek (2) 10 mile road around Sonnette (3) 15 mile road around Sonnette Probably the best source for county road closures is the Powder River County Sheriff's Office + 117 more characters
Most squash variety descriptions in garden catalogs describe varieties as "delicious", "sweet", "nutty", etc, and most gardeners don't have time or space to test every squash variety in their seed cat + 1003 more characters
Around 52 mushers including a bunch of women and rookies for the 1,000 mile dogsled race. You should be able to keep track at url, including one sled from Great Falls.
Closed at mm 107 due to a semi accident carrying explosives. Expected to be closed several hours. As of 3:00 pm, the report is that they will have to detonate some explosives before there can be more + 175 more characters
Krystal Lee, the Idaho nurse is expected to plead guilty to one count in this case. She has a court appearance scheduled for February 8 in Teller County, Colorado, according to KRDO tv, and others: ur + 261 more characters
Around 30 minutes in length
Jayme's parents were killed and she was held captive for three months in Wisconsin. She was 13 and recently rescued. [Edited by Don Birkholz (1/20/2019 10:10:42 AM)]
A search warrant has been issued to the CBI for a landfill dump near Fountain, Colorado which is around 50 miles south of where Kelsey Berreth was believed to have been killed. This would have been is + 325 more characters
Crash victim was Landen Moreland url
According to the Montana Highway Patrol web site it was called in at 3:40 this morning (6 th of Jan). Law enforcement arrived at 6:08 am and happened on the Reservation Creek Road and old Highway 10
Around 5:15 today (Jan 4 th) KKTV named Krystal Kenney as the Idaho nurse being investigated. I believe she is divorced and sometimes uses her former married name of "Lee".
ABC news (this is from about 5:00 pm Wednesday the 2 nd) is reporting this headline: IDAHO WOMAN INVESTIGATED FOR POSSIBLY DISPOSING OF KELSEY BERRETH'S CELL PHONE. Related story: url [Edited by Don + 78 more characters
The following is completely rumor and gossip, but take it for what it is worth
The rumor is that Patrick Frazee has a mistress and she is a registered nurse in Twin Falls, Idaho and she is named in the video.
The boyfriend of Kelsey Berreth was arrested around 7:00 am this morning. News conference around 10:00 am. I will try to get a link. This should already be on the Denver tv stations (KOAA 5, KRDO, KKT + 319 more characters
According to the above KULR link, at 9:50 am, (a few minutes ago) the mother of Anthony Dean has confirmed that all 4 are deceased. There have been a couple of incorrect statements in the press. One i + 424 more characters
More from KULR: url No mention as to if an Air Force helicopter found the wreck or someone else.
Search and Rescue have found the vehicle 6 miles east of Billings. The vehicle was in an accident and the two adults, unfortunately are deceased. The two young children have not been located yet as of + 16 more characters
A facebook post by Jane Freund indicates the family left Billings at 6:30 Thursday morning for Ekalaka and did not show up for a trip that takes 4 hours. I do not know if they took the Billings to Mil + 657 more characters
MSU Bobcats will host Incarnate Word University Nov 24 in the first round. The winner will play NDSU. The University of Incarnate Word is a Catholic University, I think from San Antonio Texas, with a + 15 more characters
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