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Five deaths in the Powder River County nursing home in the last 9 days, possibly all involving Covid-19 The nursing home generally has around 20 or so residents. [Edited by Don Birkholz (10/17/2020 5: + 10 more characters
Powder River County just had its first two deaths from this according to the Facebook site "Powder River Public Health" One might have been a former County Commissioner.
Update: I can't get the link to work, but the fire is now 2600 acres and 50% contained. Started by a semi loaded with hay that caught fire in a stackyard. Anyone wanting the update, google "Montana wi + 221 more characters
I first noticed the fire around 1:00 pm. Fire is about 10 miles west of Broadus and a little to the south heading East towards Broadus. Winds seem to be in the 10-20 mph. Sheriffs office is asking for + 39 more characters
Among the new squash I tried this year is the Georgia Candy Roaster squash from Johnny's Seeds. This squash is popular in the Southeast for making pies. The squash being from Georgia, I wondered if my + 401 more characters
If you go to, click onto "Browse", in quotation marks write "Gus Tengwall", scroll down the states and click onto Montana, hit "Search" a few articles come up. One is from the Anaconda + 251 more characters
Several years ago I took care of a friend's garden who lived a mile away. Thinking of ways to reduce the time going there to water, I decided to use an old large wool or cotton towel for mulch around + 758 more characters
In my link a few posts earlier, if you scroll down to Montana and then go horizontal across the page to the (source), you will get the cases per county. Gallatin leads with 10 infections.
This is the best site I have found for tracking coronavirus infections and deaths: url The listing includes all US states, and ranking, and also some other countries if you scroll down (Italy- which h + 43 more characters
Not sure what forum to put this under, but: There is a lady from Bozeman that has around 50 videos for cold climate gardening. I subscribed but could only find 5. Go to the youtube search engine and + 101 more characters
I assume the first post is referencing the listing on ebay, being sold by pudbear87 from Miles City, for 37 dollars plus shipping, which lists it as from the 1960's.
Bison 7, Bobcats 7 Just into the second quarter. At the half: Bison 29, Bobcats 7 After three quarters: Bison 36, Bobcats 14 Final: Bison 42, Bobcats 14 [Edited by Don Birkholz (12/21/2019 2:43:24 PM) + 1 more characters
Bobcats play Saturday Dec 21 at N Dakota State at 12:00pm on ESPN2 MST Weber plays at James Madison same day at 4:30 MST on ESPNU
MSU 24; Austin Peay 10 James Madison 17; N Iowa 0 Finals Weber 17: U of Montana 10 (Dalton Sneed had 5 interceptions)Final [Edited by Don Birkholz (12/13/2019 9:18:31 PM)] [Edited by Don Birkholz (12 + 22 more characters
Don't know if I am dreaming or not, but the FCS schedule says Montana State plays Austin Peay tonight at 6:00 (in a few hours). The Griz play at Weber tonight at 8:00, and N Iowa plays tonight at Jame + 66 more characters
Finals: James Madison 66, Monmouth 21.... ND State 37, Nicholls State 13 Ill State 24, Cent Ark 14 Montana 73, SE Louisiana 28 MSU 47, Albany 21 Weber 26, Kennesaw 20 UNI 13, S + 678 more characters
Bobcats will be playing Albany (NY) at 1:00 next Saturday at Bozeman Dec 7. Grizzlies play SE Louisiana [Edited by Don Birkholz (11/30/2019 5:27:38 PM)]
Miles City 49 to 8 in the third quarter with the clock running. Looks like 7 touchdown passes, three for 50-60 yards. Miles City is number one in the state.
Miles City 35, Lewistown 8 at the half
Cowboys 41 Rams 3 with 2 minutes left and the subs in.
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