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Currently there are 982,000 US deaths due to COVID. At 650 deaths per day, deaths should reach the one million mark around May 1. Deaths are dropping, however the new strain is gaining momentum. url + 179 more characters
url Sadly, the young girl who was in critical condition has died. [Edited by Don Birkholz (3/19/2022 6:33:25 AM)]
On March 3 d there was a traffic fatality in Powder River County, this morning another fatality a mile or so west of Broadus around 8:15 am. Fatality was from Powder River County. Another person is + 59 more characters
Dolly also turned down the Medal of Freedom twice: url They should have an award for the person who turns down the most awards. I nominate Dolly Parton, but shew would probably turn down that award, + 53 more characters
Under the current bill, if passed by the House and signed into law, may not go into effect until 2023.
House has yet to vote: url
Probably the best Youtube war reporting: url (Another Russian General eliminated in last report of around 6:00 pm Monday)
It appears Ukraine has its own military drones: url I suppose these drones can't fly on windy days. Video of Russian helicopter getting shot down by missle: url [Edited by Don Birkholz (3/5/2022 7:51: + 7 more characters
You might have to skip the commercials
A late report indicates Ukraine has used a drone to destroy a Russian target. I wonder if Ukraine is using its own drone military weapons or another country is helping Ukraine with this modern militar + 43 more characters
Planes avoiding Ukraine: url
It may have just started as Russian separatists inside Ukraine have just shelled Ukrainian troops. If Ukrainian troops return fire Russia will probably respond. Seems to be controversy as to what the + 451 more characters
The Jack Hoffman Dairy milk bottle. url I think they are over-valued, I have three of them and have seen several more on ebay.
Ahh.... Bob Dickson...kicked me in the rear because I did not know what it meant for a tackle to "pull" (no one had ever taught me). [Edited by Don Birkholz (2/3/2022 8:14:40 AM)]
Body found near her home. url
To follow the number of power outages for each state, put your mouse over each state (don't need to click) If you double click, you can get a county map. These are for customers and the total number o + 194 more characters
Paula is an investigative reporter from Denver who also worked for a Denver TV station for years and graduated from CCHS in 1964. JonBenet Ramsey is a young girl who entered beauty pageants who died mysteriously around Christmas many years ago. The investigators have just announced they are submitting DNA evidence in this mystery for advanced DNA testing. Another youtube video on Paula on what she has been up to since leaving the TV job
[Edited by Don Birkholz (12/30/2021 8:46:27 AM)]
url "The driver of a motor vehicle shall when reasonably necessary to insure safe operation give audible warning with the horn but may not otherwise use the horn when upon a highway" That means you a + 732 more characters
FCS: Friday, Dec 17: 7:15 pm mst .....James Madison @ North Dakota State Sat Dec 18: 12:00 noon mst .......South Dakota State @ Montana State
Next round: 1)12/10 (Friday)......Montana and James Madison 5:00 pm mst 2)12/11 (Sat).........E, Tennessee and NDSU 10:00 am mst 3)12/11 (Sat).........S Dak State and Villanova 12:00 pm ms + 128 more characters
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