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September 15: North Dakota man has 2 decades of experience selling melons........"Charles "Chuck" Weiser has been supplying farmers market customers with homegrown melons for more than 50 years". End + 50 more characters
Bobcats almost beat Wyoming???? Something wrong with my computer.
Carol Lambert, a former SE Montana house representative has died. She was 79.
On April 3, 1996, (25 years ago) a plane carrying US Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown and 32 others crashed in Croatia, killing everyone on board. One would think it would be the top story on the 5 O'c + 160 more characters
I don't test for ph. With all the bad reviews on ebay for the ph meters, I steer away from them. I simply look for blueberry plants that turn yellow/white and feed a fast-acting acicifier. Cornell Uni + 132 more characters
I checked out most of them. Some sell the lower 48 blueberries, but I don't think anyone has mail-order. Dick Proenneke (Alaska legend) supposedly picked blueberries where it was 50 below, but he note + 125 more characters
I am defining "soil" as "a medium in which something takes hold and develops." Blueberries require an acid soil and the prevalent way to get this is to buy acid potting soil which is many times hard t + 1226 more characters
With the very cold temperatures in mid-late January (coldest below zero weather stretch in around 40 years), one would think the ice on the rivers would be thicker and thicker ice means more probabili + 302 more characters
url According to this post which is going around on the internet, you should not clean up your garden until temperatures stay above 50 degrees, which would probably be into July around SE Montana. I + 888 more characters
1,482,000 in Texas, 285,000 in Oregon, 150,000 in Virginia, 60,000 in neighboring states. Some are rolling blackouts, some ice damage. url
In October 2014 a lone gunman killed a guard at the Ottawa National War Memorial and 10 minutes later he was inside Canada's Ottawa Parliament building where he was finally met with a hail of gunfire: + 6 more characters
At the 6.50 minute mark, the story gains momentum. The video is actual footage, no actors.
You might have to also deal with the commercials: url
Epsie (old post office) some 12 miles west of Broadus, was burned to the ground by someone unknown a few nights ago. Sad that there are people who do such things.
Charles Kuralt (CBS correspondent who died about 25 years ago at the age 62) was married to a woman on the east coast and maintained a relationship with another woman across the country, whom he visit + 374 more characters
Samori Toure has made the national sports news by switching from Montana to Nebraska. He is the most decorated receiver in the FCS url
Cliff Claven's (from the tv show Cheers) appearance on Jeopardy: [url]
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The person of the year should be the person who affected the news more than any other. I think that should go to the unidentified person who first contracted the Covid-19 virus. (It was and is in all + 155 more characters
Average is around $2,000 for a 1,000,000 views video, but depends if the video is family friendly, nr of foreign views, length of video, nr of adds, etc. I assume some of the more popular channels (Ga + 243 more characters
The newspaper Sudoku puzzles range from easy, medium, hard, very hard to evil (these ones have to be copied from the Sudoku web site.) Here is a link to an evil Sudoku that I will show how to solve: u + 6320 more characters
Audio problems to start and off and on. You might have to get the sound started.url
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