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Jo Preston (JoAnn Joyce Preston) was my grade school teacher at Kircher. Born in 1933, died in 2021. Her infant son (Ronald) died in 1950 at 8 months and is buried at Broadus. She is buried with her h + 77 more characters
I think I am having a bout with the new Covid. One of my friends does have the new Covid so it might be making the rounds. Only have a hacking cough at the present. Might be time to put the masks back + 4 more characters
Flood warning for Southeast Montana. Ice jams Reported on the Powder River, Tongue River, and Yellowstone River
Currently an ice jam north of Broadus and another ice jam south of Broadus that is 10 miles long according to the sheriff's office. River has risen 10-15 feet behind this last jam. [Edited by Don Birk + 28 more characters
Why doesn't line 18 say "Tax before credits?" Why is it necessary to add the word Liability?
So.....According to Investopedia (on the internet), "Tax liability is the total amount of tax debt owed to a government by an individual, business, etc." My Tax Liability is zero since I have 70$ tax + 511 more characters
What's the difference?
Every year I fill out my Montana Income Tax Form and I get done and review the form and I check all the numbers and I notice I have not filled out the line that indicates what my taxes are. What line + 1382 more characters
Go to the 17:00 minute mark. [url]
His daughter Betty died in Missoula June 7, 2014 (83). [Edited by Don Birkholz (2/2/2023 12:57:58 PM)]
Sounds legit. url His name is Bryan Kohberger, 28 yrs old and one article says he has a PHD or is in that program, and is in some sort of Criminology study at WSU Pullman, Washington. Bryan lived in P + 250 more characters
The internet sleuths have a suspect in the Idaho killings. He is alleged to have followed the girls when they left the food truck, lived next door, got kicked out of a fraternity for misconduct toward + 130 more characters
Although this is a Montana election issue, it has made national headlines: url
Toure makes a nice catch yesterday at the 11.52 mark: [url]
[Edited by Don Birkholz (11/7/2022 5:59:20 PM)]
Samori Toure caught a long touchdown pass for the Green Bay Packers last night. Go to the 10:40 minute mark of the video: url
Two young girls were killed in Delphi Indiana five years ago (forced off a bridge). A Richard Allen has been arrested. For his picture, type "Richard Allen Delphi" into the Facebook search engine. New + 149 more characters
Pancho and Lefty url
Currently there are 982,000 US deaths due to COVID. At 650 deaths per day, deaths should reach the one million mark around May 1. Deaths are dropping, however the new strain is gaining momentum. url + 179 more characters
url Sadly, the young girl who was in critical condition has died. [Edited by Don Birkholz (3/19/2022 6:33:25 AM)]
On March 3 d there was a traffic fatality in Powder River County, this morning another fatality a mile or so west of Broadus around 8:15 am. Fatality was from Powder River County. Another person is + 59 more characters
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