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A search warrant has been issued to the CBI for a landfill dump near Fountain, Colorado which is around 50 miles south of where Kelsey Berreth was believed to have been killed. This would have been is + 44 more characters
Crash victim was Landen Moreland url
According to the Montana Highway Patrol web site it was called in at 3:40 this morning (6 th of Jan). Law enforcement arrived at 6:08 am and happened on the Reservation Creek Road and old Highway 10
Around 5:15 today (Jan 4 th) KKTV named Krystal Kenney as the Idaho nurse being investigated. I believe she is divorced and sometimes uses her former married name of "Lee".
ABC news (this is from about 5:00 pm Wednesday the 2 nd) is reporting this headline: IDAHO WOMAN INVESTIGATED FOR POSSIBLY DISPOSING OF KELSEY BERRETH'S CELL PHONE. Related story: url [Edited by Don + 78 more characters
The following is completely rumor and gossip, but take it for what it is worth
The rumor is that Patrick Frazee has a mistress and she is a registered nurse in Twin Falls, Idaho and she is named in the video.
The boyfriend of Kelsey Berreth was arrested around 7:00 am this morning. News conference around 10:00 am. I will try to get a link. This should already be on the Denver tv stations (KOAA 5, KRDO, KKT + 319 more characters
According to the above KULR link, at 9:50 am, (a few minutes ago) the mother of Anthony Dean has confirmed that all 4 are deceased. There have been a couple of incorrect statements in the press. One i + 424 more characters
More from KULR: url No mention as to if an Air Force helicopter found the wreck or someone else.
Search and Rescue have found the vehicle 6 miles east of Billings. The vehicle was in an accident and the two adults, unfortunately are deceased. The two young children have not been located yet as of + 16 more characters
A facebook post by Jane Freund indicates the family left Billings at 6:30 Thursday morning for Ekalaka and did not show up for a trip that takes 4 hours. I do not know if they took the Billings to Mil + 657 more characters
MSU Bobcats will host Incarnate Word University Nov 24 in the first round. The winner will play NDSU. The University of Incarnate Word is a Catholic University, I think from San Antonio Texas, with a + 15 more characters
Pooooooooooooooooooor Grizzlies
She taught in Broadus for 17 years, witnessed the WW II bombing in Germany, married a US soldier and moved to the US. For her obituary, type the following into the Google search engine (with quotes): + 82 more characters
It is from the Hanson's Dairy. A lady in Kansas City is selling a huge collection of Milk bottle caps. Apparently the collector went around to grocery stores in the 1940's and bought milk bottles for + 285 more characters
The last several years I have used nothing but chicken gizzards and I seem to only catch catfish, all sizes. I get a frozen box from the local IGA.
The fatality has been identified as Gregory Ferrin of Ellensburg Washington (source KTVQ)
Actually it was a head on collision with a minivan. The driver of the minivan was killed, the truck driver is o.k. url The last I heard, they have no idea who the driver of the minivan was. Might have + 261 more characters
Semi went off the highway 212 several miles east of Broadus (mile marker 82) and burst into flames closing the highway for one hour from 4:30 pm to 5:30. [Edited by Don Birkholz (4/28/2018 7:35:44 PM) + 1 more characters
url She was sitting next to the woman killed by the mishap.
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