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David your just a little on the ornery side, I'm keepin' it positive until my new hp laptop battery arrives. :-)
I have taken the battery out a couple of times and nothing.
Sweet nothings don't WORK already tried!! Recently I did drop it off the couch, broke the power cord, thats when all the problems started... maybe thats why its being so difficult. Days ago when I tr + 254 more characters
For some reason my HP pavilion laptop will not turn on. I purchased a new power cord and unfortunately it still has no power. I can not find a reset button anywhere. I purchased a new battery today an + 114 more characters
Wendy, Just wondering if I can write off any of my moving expenses? Thanks Steph
Besides mortgage interest what else could I write off on a house?
Question for you I closed my business Dec. 2008 due to moving. I did not sell my business or any equipment associated with it, will I have more write offs then last year. Just wondering what my accoun + 31 more characters
How do you deny Jesus existed?
looking for some good upbeat music to run to you. Just downloaded Pink onto my ipod but looking for some other upbeat rock to run to. I have a ton of 80's music and I'm getting bored of it all.
Just wondering how this all works. If I take my laptop into Idaho or Montana and reply to one of your forums will it change my state identity to the state I am currently in or am I stuck with Oregon.
What is the average summer temperature in Miles City? What is the high in the summer on a normal year? Just wondering I will be moving to Miles City in three weeks. When do you plant your gardens? Tha + 30 more characters
General Advice About Lion Encounters The general advice to avoid being eaten by a mountain lion is to travel in groups. If you encounter a mountain lion by yourself or with your children, stop, make y + 1226 more characters
I just can't see why you would want to cage a wild animal. Personally I would set it free and let it live or die the way it was intended to be.
Why would you keep a mountain lion in a cage? How many domestic cat owners house their kittys in cages? Its not a question if but when the mountain lion will escape and injure or kill someone.
I'm not into war movies cause of the blood and gut scenes but the one I'd vote for from the above list would be Patton
My best friends son just committed suicide where I am from and it has been so devastating. What a complete shock to our small community, he was a freshman in college with a scholarship in rodeo, has w + 239 more characters
A Johnny Cash song would be on his top ten.
In 1992 she could sing I don't know about today I am no fan of Whitney Houston.
Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" sung by Whitney Houston
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