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"Holier than thou"...you obviously have me mixed up with someone else. I don't believe I ever said that I don't have empathy for her, I simply said its ridiculous that she is all over the internet and + 318 more characters
I prefer my children look-up to more deserving people, like the Marines my husband helps lay to rest each week. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that this drug-addict is all over the internet when + 927 more characters
She was reckless and selfish and I think it is ridiculous to have a post dedicated to her.
My cousin Darian Vanderhoofven and her 1-year-old son, Joshua were killed in the tornado. I want to thank you and say I greatly appreciate you for setting up this fundraiser!
Our dinner menu is a little bland and boring and could use some help! What are some of your family favorite recipes?
What right do any of you have to judge this group of people? Anyone with the rude comments, do you even have any military affiliation or just plain respect for other people? What gives any of you the + 687 more characters
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