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Anyone have any details?
His bio says he was from georgia before he moved to nashville
To be honest who cares. We should worry about our own country like the Constitution says.
I wish one of you that are threatening to sue each other actually would, now THAT would be entertainment.
One of my favorite books Dandelion Wine, written by my favorite author Ray Bradbury. He made high school tolerable.
Key word is DID their time, lay off.
You where actually trying to speak for our whole community, why don't you just not try by the shop, that's pretty easy to do.
You are the one that let your small child watch a scary vampire program which didn't allow you to explain some people dress different. You are the kind of person who wants to blame everyone but yourse + 80 more characters
Your wrong, no your wrong, no your wrong, no you are! You are all sad. Get off the computer and enjoy this beautiful weather.
Tattoo's have been around for ten thousand plus years, it isn't a fad. I feel bad for the people that get tattoos to be hip, it should be an expression.
I think the problem here is your parenting skills and not the tattoo shop. The world is a different place, and if you don't like that build a bunker in the middle of Alaska, and stay put. Our small to + 185 more characters
If you don't respect your rights, then get the hell out of Montana.
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