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Thinking of the family today as I have been since first hearing of Ryan being ill, in the hospital and passing on. I send strength to Beth and the girls as well as to his entire family and to his frie + 37 more characters
They do not come to Miles City anymore. Its all done online or mail now. Or in person in Billings.
My guess is unless you live on the last block on a dead end, you think everyone drives too fast and ignores signs and can't use a turn signal to save your life. Thanks Amorette for pointing out the ob + 1076 more characters
Stower St, like Yellowstone, is a raceway, especially since they put in the "fake" street through the cow field. Some of us folks that live on Stower went to a City Council meeting and stressed that S + 1208 more characters
How about clean up the green house on the corner of Stower and Stacy. The weeds are terrible, the foundation is all dug up - it is a very BIG eye sore. I can't believe the home owners are allowed to n + 27 more characters
Just want to bring this event to the top once more. We are getting close - our event is scheduled for next Saturday, August 11 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. All Veterans and their families are welcome to att + 372 more characters
Just downloaded it to my Kindle! Can't wait to read it. Thank you for posting here that it was available.
Does anyone know of anyone else headed to the fire lines taking food and water to the firefighters? If so, please post details here. We would like to keep helping where we can. Thanks everyone for all + 40 more characters
This one is in Fort Peck, about 200 miles north but the run is beautiful. June 16, 2012: 18th Annual Longest Dam Race Family Fun! Race is held in Fort Peck, MT at Kiwanis Park. Events Include: 1 Mile + 176 more characters
REMEMBER the Job Fair this Thursday, March 15 at the MCC Centra from Noon until 4 p.m. Job Seekers of all ages are invited and encouraged to attend. Here is a complete and updated list of employers an + 1374 more characters
Job Seekers of all ages should plan to attend Miles City Job Fair - Thursday, March 15 from Noon to 4 p.m. at the MCC Centra (2715 Dickinson St., Miles City). Miles City Job Fair is a great opportuni + 2020 more characters
Employers and resource agencies are invited to participate in Miles City Job Fair Thursday, March 15, 2012 from Noon to 4 p.m. at the MCC Centra. Sponsored by Miles City Job Service and Miles Communit + 775 more characters
Cory - ++++++1 to you! Great post!
Happened at our house all weekend also! Frustrating!
The options can be fund by clicking on "Click to Support" which is on the right hand corner of the home page.
Someone stole a reindeer out of our yard last night. I don't know why some feel the need to steal things like that but.... Anyway, if you happen to see an extra reindeer hanging around, let us know. W + 358 more characters
I got this email today and thought it was kind of fun: What did your town look like according to Penny Postcards? Check out your old stomping grounds during the times of the penny postcard. Click on t + 131 more characters
Yep, the local post office does take them.
We had a very enjoyable afternoon yesterday at the Winery. The place is beautiful. The wine was wonderful. And thank you to Bob and Marilyn for visiting with us towards the end of the day. We had a gr + 9 more characters
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