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I was just curious as to whether anybody has been up to hell creek this year and what the conditions are like. I have painted this picture of a flooded marina and a miserable vacation the week of July + 48 more characters
That is hilarious!!!!
10 AM Saturday April 3rd at Wibaux Park =) HAPPY EASTER!
RE: STRESS 13 years ago
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Tattoos. The buzzing sound of the needle is so relaxing. Is that warped?
I have went through the proper procedures to apply for these jobs and i don't take it personally i just don't understand why they have the positions open if they are not going to fill them. Thanks to + 36 more characters
i understand that they are getting rid of positions once a person has quit. But for example: I sent my resume into MCDC in Missoula, they are in desperate need of several people but they told me they + 71 more characters
What is up with that? I've been checking out different employment opportunities through the state and they all have jobs open but can't fill them because of this "Freeze." Could comeone please explain + 24 more characters
robin was a teacher for many of my classes at mcc. she had a wonderful personality and was one of the greatest teachers i had the pleasure of meeting. May you rest in peace!
Shooting 13 years ago
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I was just listening to my scanner and there has been a shooting on Palmer and 6th street. Victim shot and the chest, the gunman is still at large. It just boogles me that people need to resort to th + 22 more characters
I had to double take on that one too. That's kind of an odd ball picture compared to the rest that were around miles city
all i can say is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
I must say I've always dreamed of re-storing a 1964 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors. What a beautiful car!
Imagine it dark blue or black, white wall tires, possibly a drop-top convertible all + 44 more characters
I think DFS in Miles City is a crock. They seem to take the kids that are in a good environment and overlook the cases where the kids should be taken. Personally, I know a gentleman that has had numer + 1146 more characters
I'm looking to make a nice dessert for our Thanksgiving Feast, but my brother is a diabetic, so most things like pumpkin pie are out of the question. I really don't want to have to make a bland chocol + 109 more characters
10. Gallegher's 11. Old KFC Building 12. Tavern 13. Every Bar has keno/poker machines 14. Live poker on 500 block of Main St. 15. Sully's 16. Casino to be strip mall by walmart 17. Casino to be brewst + 13 more characters
I was a high school drop out but not for reason the same as all the others. I had back surgery when I was 15. 6, 7 ,8 hour days in a class room and lugging around a 30lb backpack wasn't going to cut i + 542 more characters
My all time favorite christmas present as a kid was barbie's dream house. I still have the enitre set in my basement.
I'm all for creating more things for youth in this town to do. If there is anyway that i can help let me know!
I've got plenty of coats ranging in size from 12 months to 6/7 I would love to donate. Somebody please let me know if there is somewhere these can be donated as St. Vincent told me they were not accep + 27 more characters
Midrivers came to my office yesterday and installed a cable motem. they told me that DSL is being phased out and cable internet is going to be the standard. I really feel for those of you that are sti + 19 more characters
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