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My Dear Randy, Is it, or isn't it? (Here is a tip; check your grammar and punctuation rules) I thought you dropped out of the thread. Good to see you back. It took you awhile to respond. Did you need + 381 more characters
oh please just stick me in the eye with a hot butter knife. I can't take it anymore, I just can't do it again.
It Takes a Village Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hay, maybe they will be on the "Air America radio".
Wish You Were Here. "For all the free people that still protest. You're welcome. We protect you and you are protected by the best. Your voice is strong and loud, but who will fight for you? No one st + 882 more characters
A Soldier's Mission I drop to one knee, the mission is long... All around there is darkness just before dawn. I take a deep breath my mission at hand... For God and country please let me stand. I wil + 191 more characters
My brother runs a nauga ranch not far from Miles City. He bought himself a good size piece of land out towards the Pine Hills area. He has about 250 head of nauga. The nauga herd does surprisingly wel + 647 more characters
For those who fight for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know." - Scrawled on the cover of a "C" Ration box.
I thought maybe they would fall into the 4th category, since they deal with wholesale in large quanities. They are also Sam's Club. Also, check out url
Your right webmaster, there isn't anything to compare to Wal-marts health insurance and pay benefits in Miles City.
Brady, Whats a Salem wich hunter?
Oh please. Let's compare Wal-Mart's health insurance and pay with those provided by other retail stores in Miles City. It's a moot point. And Rick, I am also as Republican as they come!! I would love + 128 more characters
If you go to url - Economic Development - Business Incentives you will find; New and Expanding Industry Program (Property Tax Reduction) -10 year tax reduction program on real property -Applicant must + 289 more characters
Unfortunately, some writers will often distort the truth, resorting to sensationalism. So we have to contend with the fact that the fear factor is embellished in many cases. The intent may be to sell + 56 more characters
Dave, none of your tax money is going for this program. PEACHCARE FOR KIDS is a health care program for uninsured children in Georgia. Georgia tax payers are paying for this one. I wonder how many M + 337 more characters
Classy? Not the word I would have picked. Has the thread made a difference? I doubt it. I will have to agree with one thing though. Stick a fork in it, it's OVER done
Sorry Randy, I didn't feel your latest e-mail to me in my personal e-mail met the criteria to be posted here. Maybe if you rework it and then resubmit it, I might have time to look it over again. But + 25 more characters
Well, as I sit in front of my black wireless DELL notebook, running my fingers through my short, thin brown hair, with my heavily-tattooed arms, drinking my half calf-half decaf and rubbing my red eye + 21 more characters
Randy, Sorry, I did miss one more. The word "critizing" is spelled criticizing.
Randy, I'm throwing a flag on this one. If you need help posting your comments, or are somewhat afraid to post on this forum, I will be there for you. For this is what you e-mailed me. Dear "Hill gir + 1893 more characters
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