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Mostly yeah, but the fact of the matter is, why should anyone have to be afraid they dont care for another race. Whys that so wrong? Why should i have to bite my tongue and act like I think the blacks + 1719 more characters
The webmaster iz right. All dis here should be here fo' da world ta see. I acnt believe ya would wants ta erase dis here sheeit. I guess ya pimpz iz right. Someday da monkeys will rule da earth ag'in. + 51 more characters
Actually, I havent seen it. I have gay friends, but none are black.
See, I havent been mean or name calling, and you guys resort to this garbage. I just pointed out that, for whatever reason, people are brainwashed into thinking its no longer ok to even say that they + 117 more characters
How come no one wants to tell me why they think a black man should be entitled to a job over me or your children because of his skin color? Why am I supposed to be afraid to admit i dont like black pe + 5 more characters
Here goes, I dont like indians either. So its blacks and indians. Wanna guess when i started despising indians? Why do you folks feel its so wrong to say that I dont like differnt races from mine? I d + 713 more characters
Plenty of flaws, and maybe people do judge me because of the way I look. I know they do, and its perfectly normal to do so. We judge things becuase of the way they look all the time. But I dont have a + 384 more characters
In this day and age, I'd say that you sometimes should pass judgement on someone because of the way they look. You might live longer. And it also seems silly to give someone employment preference base + 23 more characters
I dont like black folks, so what? I dont kill them, burn thier stuff down, etc. I leave them alone. But I don't like them and shouldn't have to be ashamed to say so. I won't have one in my house, I wo + 207 more characters
What a huge pile of crap. What a bunch of losers. Oh, I forgot, IN MY OPINION.
But is the angel talker going to take Dyba up on his offer or not? If she does, I'd say that us heathens have nothing else to yap about. If she doesn't, then clearly it's not about spreading the word + 224 more characters
I suppose the publisher now has some rights to the material, and she cannot freely distribute the angelic jibber-jabber.
Yeah, they're still here. Better stay in California
So what of the profit aspect? You didn't mention why you felt that you needed to charge people for this information.
One time a jar of pickles spoke to me.
Yeah, screw the US Constitution. It isn't like the crosses are religious symbols on public property.
Doesn't sound like the guy would get a fair trial in Miles City to me. Sounds to me like people have thier minds made up without even being aware of all the facts. How many of you have proof he was dr + 111 more characters
If the cops cannot follow the rules, the guy deserves to go free. Can't have it both ways. That doesn't mean he's not liable in civil court.
What about Robert Schmidt, aka "The Whistleblower"? If only he could have had a web site.
Holy cow!!! I didn't realize Christophersons had quite that many kids. I knew some of the kids, but not the parents. I suppose in the days of old, it was easy to put that many kids to work on the farm + 191 more characters
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