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My wife and I got married in the park in Sidney, it was free, we just had to reserve it with the court house. My wife directed her bridesmaids to buy a little red dress that they would wear to church + 550 more characters
I came across this image at the same time as this post, seemed like they fit well together haha.
Could anyone here tell me who organizes the bucking horse sale? More specifically I'd like to find out how to get a stage so I could have a few bands from billings and the area come play at the street + 140 more characters
Hey Steve, I think there might be something to your comment about this being a generational thing! I'm 29, and these photographs are all very funny to me, and my first thought is wow, someone did a gr + 447 more characters
I think we should lobby congress to pass a law that it's only legal for people with the first name "Brian" to breath on Mondays and Fridays, then we could see just how much Brian believes in his "rule + 111 more characters
Already owning the software is indeed a VERY good reason to want to use it . Being a Visual Studio/SQL Server developer, I could argue the "solid" commit, but I digress hehe. Also, I don't put myself + 265 more characters
My honest question is why in the world would you put yourself in a box and insist on using .net and sql server, which cost a LOT of money? I use Drupal all the time, it used PHP and MySQL and it's ama + 552 more characters
wow, just wow! I hate stupid school rules. When I was in school is was that you couldn't wear sweats, because they emitted radiation that blocked your brain from being able to learn. At least that was + 337 more characters
Wow, your story sounds VERY similar to mine!! I got EXACTLY the same advice from a lawyer about offering this lady 1000 bucks to move out of my own house!!! I told the lawyer that's why I hate lawyers + 2306 more characters
I officially have the keys to my VERY filthy house. Just so yall know, 157 days is what it took, and this story has a happier ending than most!
So wouldn't Columbia be a safer place for this discussion then?
PLEEEEAAAAAAASSSSEEE learn to cut and paste, I'm lazy haha.
The idea/concept of being agnostic and being Christian aren't as far off as you may assume at first thought. + 140 more characters
Brian, those are the finer points of faith that make debate lively and fun . Indeed not everyone will see things the way that I do, believer or not. That's why we call it faith, it's based on things t + 429 more characters
I think it's really important to keep in mind that every book in the Bible, indeed every chapter, and every sentence was written by a specific person, at a specific point in time, for a specific reaso + 709 more characters
I would scan your computer for virus's and malware asap. There are viruses and what not out there that put macro's on your computer that copy any file you try to delete, so that you can't delete the a + 190 more characters
Well Smiley, in your post asking for help you very plainly said FUNERAL, NOT Memorial service. It's in black and white, you lied. Maybe it was a small misspeak, but it was still not honest, and thus a + 669 more characters
what is the difference between a pangean and a pagan?
Thanks for the book suggestions Derf, on order, amazon rocks, 2.63 for both
Oh it's about time, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!
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