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i hate to be the bearer of bad new's but they weren't best of friends.matt should of got more of a punishment i knew all them on a personal level ..so tell me is he really getting what he deserves...i + 43 more characters
I have some very old coins one that dates back to 69 A.D and 2 small ones that i have not found a date on.....
got no answer
Does anyone know of a coin collector in Custer county?
lets hope this works out the last time i heard something about this i heard all the money went to a stop light so i am crossing my fingers
anyone now what foot level the rivers ar i heard the tounge was 17 and rising
mtgman i dont think i know who you are. If i do then why dont yu tell me face to face to go back to school and i will give you the answer you need but untell then mind your own damn business
dont you people have something better to do then sitt and talk about how a guy dosent pick up a flag yeah i no it is wrong to do but still it is his choice to leave it there all you (no good for nothi + 170 more characters
This city lost a very good person the other morning. My heart goes out to the Wheeler family! Kay was a wonderful lady. She always put a smile on my face when i was down. Kay rest in peace!!
Iam really sorry to hear about dustin he is a very good kid with a big heart my prays are with him and his family
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