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HO HO HO Same stuff
I have not been here lately but notice this is inhabited by out of Miles City far left liberal bigots. Bullies whatever. You are not representing Miles City in any way.
The guy is a billionaire. 400 hundred million is chump change. I think he is is a a massive jerk, but not broke.
Wouldn't that be wild if the local paper would send someone out of the building to gather a local story. They could put an original local story in the paper. Wow. Naw not happeing
Next congressman,funny, just can't see that happening. Should have been Amanda Curtis, she had a chance. This guy no way. Montana voters areally not that dumb
It is curious why our local paper that runs five days a week covers no crime events. I wonder why this is?
I was just wondering, we never read in the paper of any crime occuring in Custer County. Does much happen here? My son recently had his car broken into while it was parked. When I read the local paper + 63 more characters
Senator Eric Moore wrote a nice letter explaining what happened in Helena. This was nothing but a democratic ploy to stop action. Why should the people not be allowed to vote on a referendum? This wa + 82 more characters
Funny thing about Gunner, he has never voted for anyone other than his Democrats, He is totally polarized one way. not real intelligent.
Curious where you received your info on Rupert Murdoch
Kay Carlson still loves to stir a pot and cause problems here, why don't you use knowledge and expertise to lobby in Billings. I don't think we need your input here in miles city as you no longer live + 32 more characters
This website is a gotten to be an an awful place where stupid and ignorant people post things and report things they have no business doing. You people writing and asking questions, someday karma will + 109 more characters
I am wondering why our local post office is still working out of temporary quarters. I know the original emergency is over and has been over for quite some time. The facility they are in is very subst + 256 more characters
Amorette, You missed the whole point...The oil is on private land, not the governments. They don't need permission and 10 years of studies, enviromental impact studies, and all the other liberal gree + 321 more characters
Did anybody ever wonder why the oil activity is so steady and increasing so much in the Bakken of North Dakota....Number one reason...The land is privately owned and the democrats like Obama, Nancy Pe + 351 more characters
Pat Cain and Joe Leser did the arson, they both went to jail, the owner not sure of his name, brother in law to the ex- First interstate bank President. They had a trial for him, he had a good lawyer + 255 more characters
Kasey is Kay Carlson who was raised in Miles City but lives in Billings and really should just limit her ranting in Billings where she lives and pays her taxes. I don't know why that these people who + 113 more characters
I am wondering what other parents think of the food and choices given to the students in our schools around Miles City. My kids never want to eat there so they either come home or brown bag. I would + 48 more characters
just say OBAMA, we will all vote republican in 2012
At one time when John Uden was a police officer for the city of miles city. Our council then voted to garnish his wages as he had neglected to pay his water and sewer bills for many months. Mayor kurk + 86 more characters
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