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Three times faster than the musket of the time. Shot square bullets for the Turks and round bullets for the Christians. And patended in 1718, could it have been our first machine gun? url
A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The Second Amendment protects an individual right that + 3145 more characters
If atheists were human, and weren't descendants of the apes, they might be able to perceive the beauty of the existence of God, and might have a chance at receiving God's grace. But alas, animals don' + 157 more characters
you are welcome schmitz, my post was mostly for fun. I myself personally believe that we will not ever be able to prove God's existance. If we where what would the point of faith be?
At least one principle must be understood and kept in mind when trying to understand certain of God's incomprehensible attributes: the finite is always confounded by its inability to fully comprehend + 2982 more characters
AH, For the days when athiest's just hated God, and not those who believe in God.
url url url url url I like the last one, You the man if you can strangle a Bobcat !!! W/ that I once got to be face to face approx 8' from a brown bear in the Big Sky area. All I had was my fishing po + 225 more characters
Things could of been a whole lot worse between the Grenz Whalen time. The city could of accidently got Mr. Alme. Not that I am biased, Mr. Alme is married to my fathers sister, although I claim no rel + 167 more characters
If that's God's work then I'd be really sad j, too bad, sounds like you are already sad
its been interesting that Larry Flynt has shown more respect to Fallwell than this thread shows
I just renewed my NRA membership, I also gave more money to Gun Owners of America, and the CCRKBA. Maybe next year I will set aside enough to be a life member in all of these grasroot groups. It may n + 45 more characters
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