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Can anyone tell me why there are so many NOs in trying to rent a Place to live? Why no Kids ?? Years ago, We were turned away from many places because No Kids allowed. ( Yes, it is illegal). No Pets ? + 368 more characters
She should stay in the race. Obama should BOW OUT. He will drag down the country. Women will lose any rights with obama. Woman still do not have equal rights by law in the USA.
When I went to Minnesota to visit Friends, they had the same problem. Due to a lot of Forclosures. Neighbors would go out and mow the lawns of empty Houses. The City would normally do it, But are 2 t + 98 more characters
Why must Hillary Clinton suspend her campaign for Presidency, When there was no winner yet?????? In 1972 Shirley Chisholm went all the way to the Democratic Convention with a 152 Delegates.
I am going with McCain, good or bad. Obama will RUIN this country
I want a Caribou Coffee place, Not starbucks. Caribou is far Better.
Thanks Barb We will talk to our Mom about her wishes and try to get it in writing. She can not do Chemo any more because of problems. The doctors are giving her 1 year or less. I found out last nig + 251 more characters
I wasn't looking for medical advise. I had called the doctor, the Cancer Center and other people in hopes of some help. I had lots of question with no answers. It seems when there is "No Point Of Org + 346 more characters
My Mother started Chemotherapy Treatment last week, but only lasted 2 treatments before there were problems. Her Heart rate went up so much She ended up in the Emergency Room. Is this normal??? Our Mo + 327 more characters
Caribou Coffee would be better.
THANKS to all who wrote something. We put down our Dog tonight. It is a sad time for us. He will be missed greatly. Only our oldest son went with us, he wanted to go and since he is an adult, we let + 35 more characters
Our first Family Dog, a small Poodle, must be put down next week. How do we help our Children through this? We do have 2 other small Dogs. We have never had to put down an animal before and we are up + 96 more characters
Does anyone know where Evelyn Cameron is Buried? Also, where can you find out more info on Her? I sent my Friend a book called, "Photographing Montana" and now she wants to know more about Evelyn Came + 12 more characters
I like Eastern Montana, including, Glendive, Terry, Wibaux and Miles City. Eastern Montana has so much going for it. Nice people, open spaces and too much more to write about.
It wasn't his money job and he opens when he wants. That is what my Friends told me. Everyone has a right not to shop somewhere for any reason. I choose to shop at places who will be open when they sa + 20 more characters
We did not go to open mic night. My Friends came from out of town and went to the CLOSED Book Store, even though it said it should have been opened. They were not happy and decided to Not go back to t + 167 more characters
Only in Montana would this subject keep coming up. Where is love they neighbors? My Wife and I have Children and we love them, no matter what. Even if they were Gay. We have been taught to treat ev + 262 more characters
Does Miles City have any Rental Car Places? I guess I should know this, but I don't remember seeing any. I have Friends coming in from out of town and would like to rent a Car. If Miles City doesn't, + 78 more characters
I don't know about 1888, but I looked on the page and it says the record low for Miles City is, -38 (December) and record high was 110 (August). It did not say what year. I would swear we + 18 more characters
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