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hothead1 you have made no point because I have done my research a lot better then you have it looks like because I have copies of those records
this is quentin roufley im a really good friend of rob's his like a brother to me. Like most of you dumbass I never wanted rob around my kids or near them. when I heard all that shit about him. becaus + 1233 more characters
he did not touch a child ten times and it happened twenty yrs ago and people change and once again ur to chicken to say who the hell u r
you keeps saying youre going to keep your kids away from the game store cuz u think he is such a threat well u better keep ur kids locked inm ur house bcuz there r sex offenders that walk the streets + 334 more characters
yes there was a helicopter that land at super 8 motel and took off from there the next day
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