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Bill, I have a book entitled the "West That Was" ? something like that anyways, and it lists people and places from around here. The only problem is that the book is up at the ranch and I am here in M + 255 more characters
Whats' the hubcap off of?
All I'll say is that there seems to be room for everyone here to play, but without some simple courtesy, the sandbox gets smaller in a hurry.
Just a heads up for those of us who float using human or drift powered craft( Canoes, Drift Boats, Inner Tubes). Keep your ears open for the sound of power boats and Jet skis approaching and be ready + 207 more characters
I don't see any conundrums here nope, I sure don't.
Thanks for posting this. I never met him when I lived over there, but I sure saw his work, and knew people who knew him.
If Arch is doing what you suggest Richard, it is in keeping with the history of the Montco mine. Here is,a little more roughage for rumination on a related subject: url
No argument with you there Richard,most outfits have one or more places they are not too proud of. The conscientious ones are working on it.How about the restoration of hydrologic balance and function + 283 more characters
Yup, the R word...something for all of us in there. I will look up the TMI deal. Have any suggestions on where to look for starters besides a generic search? Alot of the things of note with this coal + 277 more characters
I don't believe I ever suggested replacing coal. I did ask alot of questions in a rhetorical sense, about what will be done to deal with the impacts from coal and railroad development and the legitima + 519 more characters
Here are a couple of ideas that are working else where and could be used here: Hydropower in the Dam that forms the Tongue River Reservoir. To me it makes more sense then mining coal, shipping it to G + 1420 more characters
Here are a few citations for some of the things I mentioned. Colstrip Ash Ponds url Colstrip Ash Ponds url House Bill 278:2009 Reduction in Reclaimation work url
Does one bid for a product a competitive process make? Will the payment for the coal be larger than the longterm costs associated with the development of the resource? Is it okay to put someone out of + 2002 more characters
First I'll say I reluctantly enter the fray over this very divisive issue. Also I'll say I am a Member of NPRC and the following are some of the things we are thinking about, have asked questions abou + 2702 more characters
The bottom line is....24 hours is a reasonable amount of time to respond. Apparently folks that want a response sooner than that have too much time on their hands....maybe there is some dusting they c + 284 more characters
Does anyone know if any of the churches are doing anything?
When I started to listen to the yankees theme song, I honestly thought I was going to hear "I want a new drug" by Huey Lewis and the News..... When it comes right down to it, I still haven't gotten ov + 14 more characters
We had a great time last evening, The music was great, it could not hardly of been better performed.Thanks to everyone who attended, performed,helped,donated, and otherwise participated. Thanks to the + 36 more characters
We are pretty fortunate to have her talents in this town as well as those of the band Milestown. I'm thinking it will be a great evening.
There will be a dance on friday evening February 6th, after the Bull Sale. Live music will begin with some numbers by Marie Rivard who provided a stunning performance at last saturdays' Burns celebrat + 1022 more characters
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