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Eagle Room Home of AP and the midnight raiders.
The Hell Creek in Jordan. If we have a Super County I think we can count it as one of our own.
We all agree to agree.?/ Ah is it not nice? p.s. Glendive still sucks
Mary, It appears that you and I are on the same page. Thank you for your well thought out responses. Good stuff David.
Yes Kyle it is true. The Hardees was shut down by a state health inspector who found human poo in the chli. After further investigation they found that a few people were playing a practical joke on pe + 67 more characters
Mary, I seem to recall that you campaigned on putting the breaks on the Miles City Fire Department. What happened? Or did you just see the error of your ways. Combining forces- AKA consolidation. If + 1866 more characters
Do they still put human excrement in the chili at Hardies? Or is that why McDonalds is closed too.
Happy Festivice, Tucker. Be careful when dancing nude that you do not get your Schweaty balls burned off.
Ya, tell the pig to go eff himself. The Constitution should still have some backbone.
Buck, this reminds me of the Roller-skating comments, where you accused me of running roller skaters out of town. Be nice to capitalists.
Mikey said, "I find it a bit humorous when I read your replies. Maybe you should resort to telling the whole story, not just the part you want to let the public see." Mikey also said, "Hey Joey while + 702 more characters
Bobcats are conservative and are opposed to gay marriage. We should shoot them.
I have never laughed so hard in all my life. Thanks for that link webby. The trees that belt the Northern hemisphere of Earth were 1,000 years old at the birth of Christ. If they were under water the + 184 more characters
Ya but he still drives around town with his grand kids standing on the seat next to him. No seat belts or car seats.
"God has no intention on saving animals" Then why did God have Noah build an ark?
They took second at the Fair for wine. Plum crazy. Where is this new bookstore in Miles City. Last I heard Amazon was the only book store in MC unless you are a thumper.
Maybe we can bring back stovegirl??
Rick, stop calling Republicans conservative. They have spent more money than the entire continent of Africa. While the government claims to be for immigration reform they are planning on building a s + 283 more characters
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